[APPLICATION] Programa de Bolsas artísticas - comofas.near

Olá equipe da IncubadoraDAO e toda comunidade!

1. Name & NEAR Account ID
Baruq | comofas.near

2. Location
Belo Horizonte, Brazil

3. Social media handle(s)
Baruq Instagram

4. Website/Online Portfolio if applicable

5. Artist Statement - tell us about your practice and artistic intent:

In my work I look to mix the boldness of the tattoo’s lines, relating it with engraving and the drawing on paper. I prioritize manual work with pen and paper and silkscreen for reproduction. The most recurrent motifs are flora, fauna, mythology, détournement s and iconoclasms, apropriating, recreating and changing the context of symbols and traditions in artworks. Inspired by classic woodcut artists such as Albrecht Dürer and Hans Holbein; and from the surrealist collage Max Ernst, it seeks the repetition and finishing that turn supposedly identical prints or prints into unique pieces. At the moment, I seek to explore the production and the different uses and forms of circulation and exchange that digital art allows, breaking and merging cultural and temporal borders.

6. Blurb of Current/Planned Project - what kind of work will this stipend allow you to pursue?

I intend to finish and execute the project “Rússia dos Trópicos”(“Tropical Russia”), where I do a reinterpretation of Russian tattoos immortalized in the book “Russian Criminal Tattoo” (2004) with elements and symbols ranging from today’s Brazilian popular culture to countercultures such as punk. As I am still not active with my main tattoo work due to the pandemic in Brazil, I intend to do the opposite of my routine process, taking the tattoo to back to the paper in a series of 3 screenprintings and 6 digital images to be available primarily as NFT on the IncubadoraDAO platform.

7. Previous samples of your work - max. 4 pieces (if not already on social media and/or a website or virtual portfolio)

My personal website and my latest collection on Vertebra Poject.

“7ºSelo” 2015

Série “Sobre Vida” 2021


hello there @Baruq

Thanks for your application! The selection process was not easy one for us. We used the following evaluation criteria: » Quality of Artwork » Past Experience » Fiting with Incubadora concept »Quality of application »Impact of the Stipend on the artist/project

It was a very hard decision, but unfortunately your application was not selected for this edition.
You are more than welcome to apply again in the next rounds!

Cheers :dizzy:

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