[APPLICATION] Programa de Bolsas Artísticas - cavenaghi.near

  1. Name & NEAR Account ID

Carolina Cavenaghi - cavenaghi.near

  1. Location

  2. Social media handle(s)


Instagram - @ca.venaghi

  1. Website/Online Portfolio if applicable

Instagram- @ca.venaghi

  1. Artist Statement - my work consists in multi materials, all mixed together. I am a food artist, architect, and product designer. But today my main job is Crypto Artist. Using and combining all my skills with resin, concrete, paint, draw and digital to make NFTs.

  2. Blurb of Current/Planned Project - I will make a project using my full life and study skills and techiniques. This project will allow me to be totally focused and have the money to buy materials.

  3. https://lynkfire.com/Cavenaghi


Hey @whoiscavenaghi
Thanks for applying to our open call.

I’d like to ask you to be more specific in the 5 and 6 topics:

In the topic 5 we want to know about your visual, poetic references as well as what do you think your work represent, symbolizes or refers to (conceptually, artistically)

In the topic 6, please provide more details about the planned project. Is it a NFT series? Animation? Painting? About what? How this stipend will help you achieve your goals?

Cheers :slight_smile:


Hello Juliana! Sure!! Here we go: my poetics references are insights and dreams I had/have, mixed with literature, world Mythology (From several cultures) and all my research about it. My pieces are always a mixed of anthropology, animals from air, water and earth environments and nature symbols.
I am planning -if winning this opportunity of Incubadora- to make a full series of animated (my process is tradicional and digital) NFTs, with physics parts too. I really want to make a place that stores the physics parts of the NFTs, and the buyer have access to. This Program will help me achieve this. With materials and possibilities to make my project exists.

Thank you very much for the opportunity and any doubt I am here to respond!


Thank you for the clarification :slight_smile:
We will be receiving application till the 17th of September. Then, we will announce the selected artists till the 30th. :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:


Great! Thanks for the attention!

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Hey @whoiscavenaghi .

Thanks again for your application! The selection process was not easy one for us. We noticed that you have experience in the digital realm which is great and we hope you are doing well with the NFTs atmosphere. We really appreciate your work, but unfortunately for this edition we selected Sara Mosli and João Emediato.

We used the following evaluation criteria: » Quality of Artwork » Past Experience » Fiting with Incubadora concept »Quality of application »Impact of the Stipend on the artist/project

It was a very hard decision, and we will keep your application for the next round! Feel free to add more info if you’d like or edit your post. We will be reviewing again in November.

Cheers :dizzy: :dizzy:

We sent you an airdrop of 4.4N for the participation! Thank you.


Muito obrigada @JulianaM !