Application as Council Member for Regional DAO

Application as Regional Dao council member

Hello Near Community,

  1. Who I am.
    I am Mayowa Fatokun, a post graduate student of English Language and I am from Ibadan, Nigeria. I am a lower of digital arts, being a creative myself and I seek to bring opportunities to people who are not aware or have not access to such opportunities.

  2. My experience
    My experience in web3 hasn’t been all butter and bread but it has been rewarding and filled with memorable occasions which have no doubts helped me achieve many of my creative goals.

I joined the web3 space in December 2021

  1. Skills and goals
    a. Skills
    I. Community management
    ii. Manpower organisation
    iii. Good presentation and oracy skills
    b. Goals
    My main goal is to extend Near’s arm to places in my region where it is not yet known by organising awareness activities both on chain and irl.

  2. Involvement with Near
    I have been an active builder on the Near Ecosystem and here are my contributions.
    I. Owner - Omega Digi-World DAO
    Ii. Council Member - BeatDAO
    iii. Ex - Council Member - ReggaeDAO
    iv. 3 Anthologies minted with Near Writer’s Guild
    v. 2 bounties organised with Near Writer’s Guild
    vi. 2 real life event organised for BeatDAO and ReggaeDAO (one is to hold next month)
    vii. Facilitator of creation of ReggaeDAO’S website
    viii. Creation of “the remaking show” bounty for BeatDAO
    ix. Over ten songs minted.

  3. My Home
    I live in Ibadan, Nigeria.

  4. Which communities do I represent?
    South West, Nigeria

  5. Why am I a good candidate?
    My candidacy is borne out of the need to establish a Near centre for activities in the South West region of Nigeria. It was borne out of a passion to serve, create opportunities for people in web3 and teach people how to explore the near Ecosystem, not just for themselves but also to enable them teach others what they have learnt.

  6. Why should people vote for me?
    Voting is based on people’s perception of the candidates. I do not write to brag but my achievements can speak for themselves as they are visible in every DAO that I have ever collaborated with.

I am more of an event planning person and with this zeal is what I promise to spread Near education and generally carry out mass onboarding in real life events.

Meeting with real life investors and powerhouses is one area I’d love to focus on and this is possible when we organize events that bring together all the parties involved thereby creating an avenue for collaborations which would include bringing such partners onboard.

That aside, I do not mean to belittle my web3 presence as there are also events hosted to show for that.

The points from the above are:
a. Experience
I have been council a member in two different DAOs before now and that makes me experienced in DAO Management are being explored and it would be amazing to see Near lined up with them

9.Conflict of Interest The only DAOs that I am co-managing are BeatDAO and Omega Digi-World DAO and I do not see where these two can conflict with my candidacy.

Thank you, Near to the Moon.

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