2021-03-08 Engineering Update



  • Matt Henderson joined our team!
  • We tested ETH Connector from Ropsten to the NEAR Testnet;
  • We streamlined our EVM stress testing tool to talk directly to NEAR JSON-RPC, instead of using Web3 emulation layer.


  • We made lots of incremental improvements to the bridge: added selection of networks to the UI, added various upgradability improvements, started working on NEP-141 standard integration, etc;


Berry Pickers

  • We added contract standards into near-sdk-rs!
  • Check out contract review of berry cards. We discuss the trick on efficiently using env::storage_*;

Transaction Runtime

  • We first made our accounts to be versioned but then decided to revert it, because we broke some tests;



  • We are actively working on new routing table implementation, but don’t have any complete code to show, yet :slight_smile:

Node Interfaces

  • New endpoint experimental_protocolConfig is now exposed in near-api-js;
  • New actix version broke some of our error propagation, but we managed to fix it.

Contract Runtime