2021-02-01 Engineering Update


  • We had to restart bridge deployment on Testnet, because we accidentally introduced a bug;
  • Check out bridge roadmap: Bridge Q1'21


Node Interfaces

  • There were some issues with indexer migrations that we had to fix;
  • We are now refactoring our JSON RPC methods to accommodate new error structure;


  • We are going through 175 Github repositories in our organization and assigning owners, figuring out licenses, CI, etc :slight_smile: ;
  • We did Mainnet release of RPC and archival nodes;


  • If you want to know the exact mechanics of the validator selection and the rewards then see the newly created epoch manager specification;
  • We’ve made some progress with increasing TPS for 8 shards, but we are not at 4k TPS, yet.

Berry Pickers

Contract Runtime


I like the schemas, even as a product designer, it helps me get the concept and scope of work that needs to be done. Would be also good if your can share progress in colour as you guys complete the roadmap along :slight_smile:


Sure thing, we’ll see what we can do with regards to denoting completed milestones visually in roadmap updates.


It would help us the NEAR ambassadors to keep the rest of the crypto community up to date on progress which I believe can be particular encouraging now in times of everyone eagerly waiting for a solution to high Ethereum fees or porting of Ethereum dApps. Sth visual easy to share on sm.

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