Yuen's July Report

Gm or Ge NEAR community,
my name is Yuen and I was a mod for the NDC since the start of April but was promoted to the Master Scheduler at the start of June. I handle the NDC calendar and meetings of the workgroups and the whole of the NDC.

Here is what I did for the month of July, attend every WG call usually 15 calls per week and have to do recording of the calls and post it in the WGs for the people that can’t join the calls. Here is the drive for the work done in the drive. I will post the July drive after I’ve compiled it all in one since I’m busy with the NDC election this month so haven’t had the time to compile it all in one place but you can look in the WGs for the notes and links. I also have to communicate with all the WGs to see whether they will have a meeting during month and input all meeting in the NDC Calendar.

I’ve started to handle the mods for the NDC after Joep left the GWG to ensure that the NDC is consistently monitored and bots are kicked out of the groups as well as to work with the mods to solve problems in the NDC.

I have a secondary role which is the RCWG admin but I’m not asking for remuneration for the work done there. I’m working with the RCWG admins to make processes and structure of the RCDAO. The RC election also is being looked into by the GWG for reference on the first IAH gated election done in NEAR. Even though, there was a bot attack during the election the GWG will take all the data collected to make safeguards for better protection of the V1 election.

I also guide champions and WGs on what is happening in the NDC and also the processes that every WGs need to do before V1 start. So if anyone have any interested in joining any WG in the NDC like NFT, Gaming, Defi, Ai, Degen, Regional Community, Freelancer and more. Please refer to this NEAR Doc to join the WGs. I’m too busy with the 2 roles I’ve currently and am not a core contributor in any other WG. I just advice and guide the other WGs.

Nominations is now live for the governing bodies like Transparency Commission, Council of Advisor and House of Merit. If you have an OG SBT and want to work towards improving NEAR, please nominated yourself in the nomination page. If you are interested and want to know more, please head over to the nomination faq to learn more about the governing bodies and what you responsibilities will be if you are elected.

That’s all from me I’ll keep doing monthly reports in forum, near social and other social platform to let you know what is happening in the NDC. Hope everyone can join the NDC if they are interested in the world’s largest decentralized governance and if you have any questions please ask below and I’ll try my best to answer.


Keep up the good work Yuen! :raised_hands:

Yuen!! doing a great job as usual!

Yuen, thank you for report, you are really helpful for GameDAO! Thank you for your work