Yuen's August Report

Gm, Ga or Ge NEAR community whenever you read this,
Yuen here with my August update on what I’m doing in the NDC. Here are the things that I’ve been doing:

Ongoing Responsibilities:
Managing the mods.
Serving as the master scheduler.
Archiving NEAR documentation.
WG Guide
GWG Council

Recent Additional Responsibilities:
Assisted with the documentation of the new SBTS and spearheaded the creation of the nominees list for comms.
Collaborated with the marketing team to ensure GWG remains synchronized, and facilitated information dissemination to the mods.
Conducted various administrative and support tasks for the NDC, including revamping outdated documentation and updating NEAR docs.

If you are interested in joining any of the NDC WG talks and spaces please add the NDC Calendar to your google calendar to be up-to-date.

The OG SBT has been extended for submissions until the 1st of September remember to fill in this form if you fit the og criteria. There is still 14 days left to nominate yourself for one of the governing roles if you haven’t yet please take 30 mins from your day to run and fill in details about yourself in the nomination page . If you are interested and want to know more, please head over to the nomination faq to learn more about the governing bodies and what you responsibilities will be if you are elected.

That is all from me for August if any one of you will be there at NEAR APAC will be excited to meet you guys there and connect. Here is the post to my July Report for more information.