NDC Moderator - Nomination (Yuen)

Gm or Gn everyone where ever you are.

I would like to nominate myself for the ndc moderator role. I have been in Near since last Feb when the nft scene was booming with people from all over the world and have been here ever since. It was sad that the nft scene started slowing down but I have hope that people will come back to Near and are working hard to bring back live into the Near Nft Scene.

I have been modding mutiple nft projects in Near like News Ocean, Haven, Macks and other smaller projects in Solana. I work well with discord set up as I have made a lot of discords for different projects so I know the tools and bots that are needed. I work well with others and are always up-to-date with any information happening in the ecosystem so that I can always help and answer people’s questions.

You can see me being active in the ndc telegram chats answering questions and talking with other community members about ndc. You can frequently see me in a lot of working group meeting giving inputs and learning what is next on the plate so that I can answer more questions when new people join the ndc or give my opinions on the matter. I work at utc +8 time zone and I’m always active from day till night.

I’m passionate about helping build the foundation of NDC and ensuring that the community chat is moderated and people are well-informed about NDC.

Thanks for the read, hope you have a great day,



Hi Yuen,

Thank you for your nomination! I’ve seen you around in the NDC Channels a lot already, I would love to schedule an interview with you, I will send you a Calendly link in DM.

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I want to express my unwavering support for Yuen’s nomination for the NDC moderator role. Yuen is a phenomenal candidate who has consistently showcased his dedication, hard work, and in-depth experience in the Near ecosystem. His exceptional qualities make him the ideal choice for this role, and I’m excited to share my reasons for endorsing him.

First and foremost, Yuen’s work ethic is truly commendable. He has been involved in Near since last February, and despite the challenges faced by the NFT scene, he remains optimistic and committed to revitalizing the Near NFT community. Yuen’s consistent presence and active participation in the NDC Telegram chats and working group meetings are a testament to his unwavering dedication.

In addition to his incredible work ethic, Yuen has gone above and beyond to help others. He is always up-to-date with the latest developments in the ecosystem, enabling him to provide timely and accurate information to community members. Yuen’s genuine passion for assisting others is evident through his willingness to answer questions, engage in discussions, and offer valuable input on various matters.

Moreover, Yuen’s in-depth experience in moderating multiple NFT projects, such as News Ocean, Haven, Macks, and others in Solana, speaks volumes about his expertise. His extensive knowledge of Discord setup, tools, and bots ensures that he is well-equipped to handle the responsibilities of the NDC moderator role.

Lastly, Yuen’s ability to work well with others and his strong interpersonal skills make him an ideal candidate for fostering a positive and inclusive community. His commitment to building the foundation of NDC and maintaining a well-moderated and informed community chat is both admirable and essential for the future growth of NDC.

Having worked with Yuen personally, I can attest that he is an exceptional candidate for the NDC moderator role, with a proven track record of hard work, dedication, and extensive experience. I wholeheartedly support his nomination and urge you all to consider his outstanding contributions and passion for the Near ecosystem.


Congratulations on your new role as a moderator Yuen!

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Thank you for giving me the opportunity and I’ll do the best I can to ensure that the newcomers are well informed about the ndc and wgs as well as ensure people act appropriately in chat.


Hello,i want to report Conflict of interest violation by @blaze (NDC consultant and head of working groups )

He hired Cheddar Finance mod Aescobar on the same position in NDC. How is possible @blaze ? why did you choose him, but now other 14 candidates?

Hello, thank you for your concern but Blaze did not have any involvement with the hiring of mods as that is under the supervision of the head moderator @joepmaenen. He was the one that overseen the hiring and interviewing of both me ,aescobar and other potential candidates. Blaze was busy with managing the other working groups and getting the I’m Human feature online so he was hands off during the selection. Aescobar has also been a highly active member in the ndc discord and telegram channels even before he was chosen as a mod.

I understand your concern with the conflict of interest but with how much Aescobar was with engaging with new members and informing them about the work throughout NDC. He has proven himself to be an important member of the NDC mod team. If u have anymore questions please don’t be shy to ask, and if u are interested in contributing and building the NDC please hop into the community hub and join a working group that suits your interest. Telegram: Join Group Chat

Hope you have a great day and NDC is for the community by the community.

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