xDai $STAKE collab - Rainbow Bridge

We’ve been having discussions here and there on Twitter about a potential collab/bridge between xDai and NEAR. Our friends from RaidGuild would 99% be interested in taking the lead on this one.

I would like to hear what everyone thinks about this and which strategic goals this collab should aim to achieve?

As far as I understand we have already made required changes to rainbow bridge to work with a PoA chain (vs. PoW), so xDai (PoS/PoA-ish) should be relatively easy!

Would love to hear thoughts/feedback from @alex.shevchenko @nearmax @illia and other folks involved in NEAR rainbow bridge … @sashahudzilin

Similar collab:

Twitter convos:



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Side note: @mattlockyer @mikedotexe is it feasible to use $ETH as gas (via Metamask) and some metatx magic to address @miohtama’s comment?

This offtopic for this, but our metatx inside EVM are designed to charge any token for gas. This can be wrapped ETH, DAI, etc.

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Wow! That’s super cool :slight_smile: do we have any documentation around this? Curious to read more!