PSA: Funding Delays - NEARCON/Ethereum Merge

Howdy gang,

The Ethereum merge is set to go live next week (expected around Sep 13-15 and, as a security precaution, the Rainbow bridge will be paused for up to 3 days before.

Consequently, the funding team may run low on nUSDC and other stablecoins on NEAR.

This may result in a delay in funding stablecoin based funding requests.

Additionally, this week we kick off NEARCON :tada: This means that the vast majority of the NEAR Foundation team, including the funding team, will be on the ground with our incredible community of builders, artists, and degens (looking at you :eyes: ).

As such, expect a small delay in the processing of some funding requests regardless of the asset you’ve denominated funding in.

Thanks for your patience, and have a wonderful week all! :partying_face:


Thank you for posting this @David_NEAR!

Most of the @marketingdao-council is also already in the process of traveling to NearCon or will be shortly.

Therefore, longer than normal delays should be expected this week and next in our processing of proposals through the Marketing DAO.



Thanks for the update chief!
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Hello @David_NEAR thanks for this.
Is there a way the forum can have notification for all members for important update as this?

The space is become so big that vital information get lost in the crowd.



Should be able to figure something out for that, sure