[Withdrawn] Developing a cross-chain standard for GameFi NFTs


We’re team members of Attarius Network - an all-in-one NFT ecosystem for the game industry. While working with blockchain games, we have found that the GameFi industry needs a unified NFT standard.


We’re aiming to transform the gaming industry by helping the gaming indie studios to develop blockchain games and create in-game NFTs.
GameFi is still a small but rapidly developing sector of the global gaming industry, and we are sure that it needs to have a well-designed toolset of instruments and standards.

Benefits for NEAR Ecosystem

We believe that the standardization of gaming NFTs will bring bigger value to the NEAR Ecosystem and the all blockchain industry. Our primary aim is to make and manage basic recommendations and standards for game devs while becoming trendsetters in the segment.


GameFi NFTs have traits (attributes). Traits are just enumeration of key pairs and their values.
The first NFTs were on Ethereum, based on the ERC-721 and ERC-1155, as we know.

  • NFT/GameFi creators do not know what values exactly should be used in their NFT (for example, if I want to make an NFT Helmet for a character, what attributes (keys) this NFT can have, and what could be the range of values — the problem lies in missing references
  • GameFi creators could make NFTs vendor-locked only in their game world.

It would be better to have portable NFTs between games, giving absolute freedom of use for gamers and opening up a new horizon of possibilities — problem in vendor-lock. For example, a 3d model of a knife for the UE4 engine can be portable between any games on that engine.

If we manage to adhere to the naming standards, accepted values, and agreements between games, we will make it possible to cross-market and transfer objects between gaming worlds, thus opening a possibility for GameFi devs to build more rich NFTs.


  1. Announce the initiative with various blockchains: NEAR and other chains
  2. Build and maintain a website for the initiative
  3. Conduct research, collect possible attributes in the existing game and non-game NFTs
  4. Develop an extensible (versionable) standard (for example, KILT) and the first version
  5. Discussion based DAO (1st gen of project’s DAO) — not fully automated
  6. Develop tools for online validation for compliance with the standard
  7. Develop and run DAO to discuss, approve the development of the project and standard (2nd gen of project’s DAO) — fully automated
  8. Continues support of the initiative


  • Pre-research and announcements (Steps 0 and 1) — January 2022 - February 2022
  • Basic research, standard development (Steps 2 and 3) — March 2022 - May 2022
  • Open dialog with the community using DAO (Steps 4) — April 2022 - May 2022
  • Develop tools for metadata validation (Steps 5) — June 2022 - July 2022
  • Standard upgrade based on DAO’s votes (Step 6) — June 2022 - August 2022
  • Year of initiative support (Step 7) — January 2022 - December 2022

Project team

Nikita Kuznetsov:
About: Full stack developer and researcher (Linkedin and GitHub)
Proposal Role: responsible for Development & Research and Communication

Oleg Kotlyarov:
About: CEO Attarius (Linkedin)
Proposal Role: responsible for Communication

Andrey Logunov:
About: Blockchain developer and CTO Attarius (Linkedin and GitHub)
Proposal Role: responsible for Research and Communication

Pavel Fedorov:
About: Serial fintech/crypto entrepreneur (Linkedin)
Proposal Role: responsible for Communication

And of course, other members of the Attarius team will be attracted.

We’re very appreciative of the attention and help of our colleagues Alexander and Vlad from the Human Guild!

Total ask 10 000 NEAR.

Update 21.01.2021:
This proposal is not yet within the scope of NEAR. But we will continue to work on this idea, but with less activity. I’m going to publish a link to the status page/site here. Thank you for your support



Awesome proposal overview, and love the name Attarius Network :tada:

The funding request for this is far beyond the scope for any DAO or funding Vertical on the forum, I’d recommend applying for a grant:


Thank you, David.
I very like the name too.
About the founding request, we already sent it through AstroDao.


Ohh, Human Guild are funding it. Got it, makes sense.

Best of luck with the project, looking forward to seeing it in action! :tada:


Actually the proposal is still in discussion to better understand if a grant may be the better choice, I’m not the one who’s following the proposal, but I’m sure we’ll find the right way to support this idea :wink:


Attarius future blockchain gaming :love_you_gesture:
Give Attarius a grant, they deserve it. We are waiting for interesting things from attarius

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@David_NEAR @SkyNFT @jilt
This proposal is not yet within the scope of NEAR. We will continue to work on this idea, but with less activity. I’m going to publish a link to the status page/site here. Thank you for being so supportive.


Want to reraise this discussion as the topic of NFT bridges are reemerging Push A Bridgeable NFT Chain Agnostic Standard