[PROPOSAL] Gamespack - NFT Games Ecosystem on NEAR

Gamespack is a gaming platform that unites GameFi and DeFi components for playing crypto mobile games and trading gaming NFTs. Gamespack is focused exclusively on the gaming field, mobile games and offers tools for:

  • play-to-earn game players to browse and play mobile games, collect and trade NFT assets, connect with the community;
  • game developers to integrate their games with the platform to receive access to the community and features of the platform.


The platform has 4 components:

  1. Games Hub is an application, launcher, and marketplace for mobile games and NFT assets that are part of the Gamespack. Games Hub is a place for players to search and play games, store NFTs and trade them in the marketplace.

  2. SDK is a number of tools for blockchain game developers to publish and promote games, track game data including NFTs distribution and usage by gamers on Games Hub.

  3. Gamespack NFTs is another key feature of the platform is universal NFT assets that are applied for games on the platform and give additional advantages for players.

  4. Cool Point ($CP) is a utility token with multiple purposes for running the Gamespack economy. The $CP token uses NEP-20 token standard.

Gamespack allows play-to-earn gamers to perform better in games available in Games Hub using NFT assets released by the platform. On the other side, developers can publish their NFT games on the Games Hub, get access to the community and other benefits of the platform.

Website: https://gamespack.io/


Globally, the project includes 4 phases, which will be implemented over years from 2022 to 2025. Details of MVP Phase are listed below.



  • Ecosystem architecture development - done
  • Games Hub app visual design and interactive prototype - done
  • Gamespack website release - done


  • January 2022
    Lords of Looteria - P2E game prototyping start - done

  • March 2022
    Grant from Human Guild - received

  • April 2022
    Lords of Looteria - P2E game announcement. - done
    This includes Keyart, Social media accounts setup. - done

  • June 2022
    Lords of Looteria - Game landing website release.
    There the general information about the game is published, details about the gameplay, content, NFT assets, tokenomics, and the roadmap of the game.

  • July 2022
    Games Hub - web app first look announcement.
    Announcement to be done in social accounts (Twitter, Discord). In the announcement screenshots of the app will be published.

  • August 2022
    Lords of Looteria game MVP closed testing release.
    Closed testing will be announced in the Discord for the community.

  • September 2022
    Games Hub MVP release.
    Games Hub web app MVP release with $CP token available for early users. Early users will receive $CP tokens for the onboarding completion.

  • September 2022
    Lords of Looteria NFTs drop in Games Hub.
    Game NFT assets drop in the Games Hub. Special conditions for early followers are offered.

  • October 2022
    Games Hub new functionality release.
    Marketplace, My NFT sections available in the Games Hub web app.

  • November 2022
    Lords of Looteria NFTs drop in Games Hub.
    The second drop of the Game NFTs on the Games Hub Marketplace.

  • December 2022
    Lords of Looteria Mainnet launch.

This phase will be implemented in 2023.

This phase will be implemented in 2024.

This phase will be implemented in 2025.


Behind the Gamespack is the team of game developers with 11+ years of experience in building mobile and web games for SME worldwide. We know how to create games from scratch to playable demos and further production until the full launch. Now we want to put all our collective experience into creating a platform for players, developers, and quality blockchain games.

Website: https://fgfactory.com/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/fgfactory/


Visuals for Games Hub, SDK and NFTs added.
High-level Road map added.
Team details added.

Roadmap updates.
Lords of Looteria game details are added
More at social media
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LooteriaNEAR
Discord: Gamespack