[Proposal] P2W - gaming platform

The problem of the development of the GameFi sector lies in many factors

  1. Monopoly
    a) Multiaccounts.
    b) Early users have a disproportionately large influence within the game.
    c) Disinterest of new players at late stages of development.

  2. The potential of developers.
    a) An underdeveloped market, the bulk are inexperienced indie developers.
    b) Disparate budgets for market development.

  3. An unformed user base.
    a) Low awareness of users about the existence of this segment.
    b) The main user base of most P2E games is Tier 3 countries. Accordingly, users are focused on earning money, and not on the process and development of the game.

  4. High entry threshold for a new audience.
    a) A difficult transition from classical gaming to decentralized games.
    b) The inability to earn money without investments.

  5. Poor quality of game content.

  6. The feasibility of developing the concept of the next p2e game.
    a) Most games are very similar, and pursue the same goal.

  7. Deadlines for completing tasks.
    a) Protracted development.
    b) Long-term presence of projects in the alpha stage.

Now we can observe that gamers of many competitive games do not know at all what web 3.0 and decentralized games are, but millions of players around the world want the opportunity to monetize their skills right now. So why not make a platform where players of major competitive games can grow in their discipline and achieve major victories only thanks to their in-game experience.

The community and player base is huge, we just need to stretch out our hands and potential future players for new GameFi projects inside Near will already be ready to play with the minimum necessary knowledge about the Near ecosystem.

Our Proposal

Creating an attractive platform for ordinary players, which will be a smooth method of transition from the usual gaming to the GameFi sector.

Attracting and retaining the attention of classic gamers to the GameFi sector, by means of holding tournaments, organizing matches and other attractive events that can realize the potential of players.

The platform will be completely transparent and pursue a single goal - the popularization of the ecosystem. The platform will host tournaments and organize matches in classic competitive games.

This way we will be able to attract the attention of players who have the necessary skills for competitive gaming, respectively, have time to hone their skills.

As a result, we get a highly relevant audience that positively perceives gaming and actively participates in the development of the GameFi sector. Acquaintance with the ecosystem will take place by means of quizzes, tasks for which users will receive rewards.

Also, with the growth of the site, we offer advertising on the resource, which will be visible to all users. Advertising integration will be available for all projects from the Near, Aurora, Human Guild ecosystem, etc.

Advantages of the project

  1. Popularization of the GameFi sector.
    a) A huge user audience that needs to be smoothly adapted.
    b) Familiarization of users with the ecosystem

  2. Multilevel development.
    a) Creating a strong community
    b) Advertising platforms) NFT marketplace

  3. New Wallets + Ecosystem boost

  4. Quick launch
    a) no need to create a game from scratch
    b) formed audience
    c) transparent and understandable goals and stages of development

  5. Audience solvency
    a) The main audience is from Tier2 - Tier1 countries
    b) Most of the players had experience buying game products on the Internet

  6. Professional cyber organization
    a) Attracting professional players
    b) Creating a favorable atmosphere for team growth
    c) Possible partnership with tournament providers

  7. Familiarization of users with the ecosystem
    a) The opportunity to pass the Quiz
    b) Unique personal tasks
    c) Direct participation in the ecosystem

  8. Powerful media resource
    a) Promotion of ecosystem projects directly on the site
    b) Integration with bloggers + streamers
    c) Informational noise around tournaments
    d) Attracting famous players

P2W concept

The platform has a huge marketing potential and is an excellent tool for attracting new users to the Near Protocol ecosystem. The main value of the project will focus on: a) providing players with a platform for honest earnings. b) providing projects with a platform for the implementation of marketing campaigns.

For a simple understanding of the concept, I suggest considering positive indicators for the player and for the project.

A) The player. We have millions of gamers who spend thousands of hours a year playing for absolutely free, or fighting for small prizes available to Tier 3-4 players. Most of them dream of building a career in esports organizations, but do not see support from the community and projects. The same goes for novice streamers. The P2W project makes it possible for any player to earn money on their game, provided they have sufficient skill and a team. Everything is transparent and depends solely on experience. To participate in the tournament, a player will have to fulfill several mandatory requirements, which will vary depending on the partner project.

B) The project. Any GameFi or beginner project in the Near ecosystem needs marketing support, which will be provided directly to the game content and the content of the project. In other words, we see a lack of marketing for the ecosystem, so P2W is a great place for the initial stage of development and attracting new users. The project can create a tournament that will be coordinated with the management of P2W and create conditions for its participation. For example Hash Rush can organize a CS:GO tournament or Dota 2, a prerequisite for participation in which will be filling out a form, completing a task. This way we get new potential users for any project.

C) Earnings of the site. Since the launch of the first tournaments organized with the funds allocated by the grant, we will be able to attract a potential audience to the site. The methods of monetization of this project are huge, but at the initial stage we see the sale of advertising spaces on the site, the creation of updated Quiz’s for users, the organization of tournaments, partnership with projects from the Near Protocol ecosystem.

Basic concept/visualization of the platform at the start

Home page:

On the main page you can see upcoming tournaments, prize money, number of participants and top players in different leagues. Also, when you click the “Play” button, you will create your own match or connect to already created ones. Next to the platform logo is the name of the current discipline, when clicked, a pop-up window with a selection of all possible disciplines. In the upper right corner - authorization via Steam, after which you can view your profile and participate in matches / tournaments.


All information about the user will be visible in the profile - ID, friends, match history, balance and player level.


The “Players” tab will contain information about the leading players in a particular discipline, as well as their statistics.


In the “lobby” tab, you can create your own match with the desired settings, connect to existing matches and filter these matches at the user’s request.


In this tab, all information about upcoming or current tournaments will be visible, as well as the possibility of registering for them.


The platform forum is a place where there will be topics with news, topics for interaction with the community, problems familiar to us, tips for players and guides. Users will also be able to open their questions, which technical support and other users will be able to answer.


Q1 2022


Creating a design

Creating a website

Creating social networks

Closed testing

Q2 2022

Holding the first CS:GO tournaments

Introduction of other games

Minecraft server integration.

The first advertising integrations.

Q3 2022

Creation of the first decentralized cyber organization.

Attracting professional teams

Collaboration with other organizations

Near Wallet Integration

Q4 2022

Holding an annual tournament in the most popular disciplines

Creating matchmaking with in-game currency.

The first stage is the development of Q1

This stage is fundamental and will take approximately 90 days from the start of work. Below is information about the work done, which will include website design, layout, functionality. The plan is approximate and additions are possible in the course of work.

website design development time (hours)
home 40
lobby 10
event page 10
competitions (leagues and tournaments) 10
league page 10
tournament page 10
teams 10
team page 10
players (catalog) 10
player page 10
streams 10
servers 10
anticheat (client download link) 0
personal account 50
design of a responsive version of the site for mobile devices 40
total time spent on design development (hours) 240
number of days spent on design development (working days) 30
layout of all pages of the site time (hours)
layout of all design pages according to design samples 144
number of days spent on site layout (working days) 18
site functionality time (hours)
site programming 264
two language versions
accrual and assignment of points (not real currency) in your personal account . points are awarded for action in the game and for interaction with the site (for example, daily logins).
personal account (player activity, played matches, rank, team, creation of a lobby)
integration with steam via api
personal account (client information, my team, my points, password change)
number of days spent on developing the functionality (working days) 33
the term for collecting information, processing it and requesting missing information 5
development time (working days) ~90

The second stage is Q2 marketing.

After completing the fundamental platform development and closing testing for ecosystem participants, we will begin to implement a marketing campaign that will focus on attracting players to the ecosystem.

  1. Interaction with relevant bloggers
  2. PR campaign on Reddit, Twitter and other sources with the help of related guilds.
  3. Organization of streams and beta test for a small group of streamers.
  4. Organization of the first tournaments.
  5. Sale (issuance) of the first advertising spaces on the site.
  6. Organizing tournaments together with projects from the Near Protocol ecosystem.
  7. A/B testing of different approaches.
  8. Negotiations with Tier 3 and Tier 2 teams.
  9. Full reporting on the work done.


10,000 NEAR includes:

Payment for team work, payment for marketing services, payment for the services of managers if necessary, holding tournaments at the initial stage of participation.

  1. Does p2w stand for “paying to win”?
  2. What role does near play in your project?

Hello Isonar.
Yes, p2w is short for “Play to win”

Integration and connection of players to the platform will be carried out with the Near Wallet binding, all tournaments and payments between players will be made exclusively in Near tokens.

In the future, players will be able to create lobbies themselves, where they will place bets on their winnings in Near tokens.
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