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My name is Oleg Kotliarov, and I am the CEO of Attarius Network - a company established in 2021, creating a set of innovative products in blockchain gaming.

About Attarius Network

Attarius Network — a time-saving and easy-to-go platform for game developers and players, making the creation of web3 games as simple as possible.


Equal accessibility and opportunity for gamers and developers through blockchain technologies, eliminating the barriers to entry.

What we are building

The emergence of blockchain technology and NFTs has fundamentally changed and revolutionized the gaming industry. NFTs can now outlive the lifespan of the game publisher, being outside the scope of the vendor’s stated management and display methods.

The goal of the Attarius Network is to accelerate the development of the gaming NFT market as much as possible and make it easier for gaming projects to create a positive user experience. For that purpose, Attarius is creating a number of ecosystem products, including:

  • Multichain Game API (NEAR, AURORA, ETH)
  • Easy-to-use Game Wallet
  • Crowdfunding platform with DAO
  • Carbon free Blockchain as a Service with zero fees (like Ronin)

With this type of functionality we close the gap between the proof-of-concept stage and a successful launch of the project.

Why do game developers need Attarius?

Web3 development is approaching the adoption phase, as many apps based on decentralized protocols are already in existence, such as various Blockchains, BitTorrent, Matrix, IPFS, Tor, I2P, SOLID, etc. Dapps bring tangible ownership and value to end-users. Developing Dapps is about changing paradigms.

It’s not easy for developers to rebuild their games for web3 from scratch. One of the immediate problems for developers with blockchain is UX - it is hard to engage the classical audience. Generally, only about 5% of users actually pass the entry-level and begin playing blockchain games.

Game devs face an obstacle when trying to achieve a free-to-play model for the blockchain based games they are developing. At the same time a possibility of applying the free-to-play model actually allows to attract communities previously not familiar with the world of crypto. Moreover, it is not easy for game developers to interact with infrastructure of blockchain projects, working with RPC and API, designed and developed to solve generalized problems is not in fact trivial.

Junior developers in blockchain need assistance in form of instructions, tutorials, examples, help from community, peers and easy-to-go products and libraries. There is a need for transparent analytics that allows monitoring of tokenomics balances.

Our goal is to make the user way in games as simple as possible.

Why NEAR needs Attarius

NEAR team has the same vision about the importance of UX.

Attarius believes in NEAR scalability and future performance.

After talking and meeting with game developers, we found some of the most common setbacks for those who wanted to start working on NEAR.

What game developers need:

  • Fast and simple SDK NFT and FT inspection.
  • Streaming in real-time of balance changes.
  • Firebase like storage to storing off-chain data.
  • Free-to-play with ability to claim tokens.
  • Launch game on NEAR, but depends on NFT that is sold in other chains.
  • Off-chain API specified for usual games (like chats, onlines, etc).
  • Forget about the backend :slight_smile:

So, we would like to do it with and for NEAR. We see our future NEAR you.

Our journey so far

Technical development:
1. Basic MVP ready:

  • Basic Wallet (IOS, Android)
  • Testnet
  • Faucet
    2. Active stage of development:
  • Game API - code development, documentation
  • Crowdfunding platform - prototyping completed, working on design. Beta version - Q2 2022
  • Advanced Wallet - start of development - first half of May 2022.

1. 6 game projects working with Attarius, 10+ at the proof of concept evaluation stage.
2. We have launched a support program for game partners. We provide help in development and analysis of documentation, legal, technical support and networking. We note positive dynamics and acceleration in development of the projects within their roadmap.
3. Participation in over 20 blockchain conferences. Attarius Team has introduced multiple gaming projects to the NEAR ecosystem in the MENA region.
4. Active community growth (Discord, Twitter, Telegram). Our family has more than 16,000 people across social networks.
5. Partnerships: Human Guild, Octopus Network, GuildX, KILT, Harmony, TwoFour54, etc.
6. Gaming Partners: Exverse, Salad, AD Gaming, Sunday Games, HardStone, Farcana, GD Forge.
7. Accepted investments: Vespertine Capital, BigBrain Holdings, ChainRidge.
8. Advisors: Vespertine Capital, NewTribe Capital.
9. Attarius Network is the first GameFi project in the Middle East to have received government-led support and recognition.



  • Security Audit
  • Game API/SDK (NEAR, ETH)
  • Crowdfunding Platform (Beta)
  • First part of wallet authorization


  • Game Wallet
  • Upchain with zero commissions
  • Crowdfunding Platform Alpha with DAO
  • Game API/SDK + Aurora
  • First game Pilot using our technology - Exverse
  • Unreal Engine SDK
  • Whitelabel NFT marketplace (Beta) for game developers


Attarius Team - is a team of professionals in blockchain and gaming with an unwavering philosophy. We have worked with: Wargaming, OverGamez, Beeline, KPMG, Telecom Norway, SAP,, Privatix, Free Ton, Blockchain Association of Ukraine, and many more. Our experts have a background with over 30 gaming projects developed and live across over 15 countries.

Scope of what we will do

We are planning to do:

  • Site with game developer onboarding.
  • Launch and support indexers for NEAR.
  • CRDT like API for NFT, FT, Stacking balance, UserData.
  • Well documented SDK (JS&TS, C#) with rich examples.
  • Session manager.
  • Game developer supporting and community forming (we need your help there).

Out of the scope and will be implemented later:

  • ETH indexer.
  • Easy-to-go cross game web wallet.

Our technology stack is: Rust :crab: , TS, and C# for SDK.

Scope of what is completed

Right now our main development efforts fall to the game API development as well as the dev panel.

Game API is an universal API primary for NFTs that solves some basic problems - where to store assets, how to create an NFT, how to make sure that the NFT belongs to a gamer, etc.

We did a multi-storage pluggable layer for our game API already and started implementing a multi blockchain core module. We want to include NEAR blockchain here as well.

Dev panel - high level management panel for game studios where they can create a project and manage all items and storages.

We are creating an SDK for browsers as well to help developers easily integrate our product into games or NFT applications.

Just imagine - creating an NFT that stores images on arweave (or IPFS or S3 for dev perspective) and implemented on NEAR, just call a few API endpoints or SDK methods. And that’s all.

We hide all complexity of NFT behind our API but still allow game developers to provide their own contracts and storage.

And a bonus - while users can transfer their NFT across different chains, these NFTs are still visible for games via Game API.


Our team has analyzed the scope of time costs as well as financial costs of Game API module development for NEAR, including the necessary infrastructure. Based on the calculations, we are applying for a grant in the amount of 10,000 NEAR.

Through the grant, the infrastructure described under the “What we will do” will be realized.

Development time estimate - 3 month to a working solution that can be fully utilized by the game developers.

Our website -


An interesting approach to the implementation of the API. I believe this is necessary for Near. I’m sure Attarius suits Near on this one.

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