Where the F*****g H*** is NEAR Foundation this Week?! - Update from NF (title spiced up by me)

Where the Flipping Heck is NEAR Foundation this Week?!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Here’s where the NEAR Foundation is going to be over the next few weeks. If you’re attending do come and say hello!


Nov 23: NEAR @ LABITCONF 10th Anniversary Argentina - side event to the LABITCONF, organized by Oscar from Bancambios, supported by the NF Community Event Grants program

Berlin, Germany

Nov 23-24: Next Block Expo - Sönke, Head of Product at NEAR Foundation, is speaking on “How to Break Down Barriers for Web3 Developers and Users.”


Nov 25-26: Open Web House - A hacker house organized by the LATAM Community, focused on building dApps for NEAR Protocol; it is supported by NEAR through the Marketing DAO.

London, UK

Nov 28: Crypto and Digital Assets Summit: Winter Edition - Marieke speaks on the panel “How safe and inclusive are crypto payments?”

Lisbon, Portugal
Dec 1st: Builder’s club, a NEAR funded side event during Polkadot’s Sub0 conference. Hosted by Bancambios

Miami, FL USA

Dec 1-2: NEAR Miami Art Week - a side event to Art Basel Miami, where NEAR hosts “Gallery and Content Studio” for two days: NFT Gallery, Speaking content, a Partner expo, Networking happy hours.


Dec 1-3: Refraction DAO Festival at Miami Art Basel featuring NEAR as a Supporting Protocol Partner for Refraction Festival at the Frost Planetarium and Floradora during Art Basel in Miami 2022. Supported by the NF Community Event Grants program.

Dec 2: Swan Miami - Exclusive Brunch with SheFi Community led by Maggie Love. Crypto education, networking, and community building with other womxn in the space. The invites are extended to all the women in crypto going to Art Basel. Supported by the NF Community Event Grants program.


Nice freaking title btw, what a way to spice things up :slight_smile:


Near Foundation on Tour… Good one


Congrats to all the NEAR Fam for this efforts. See you at Open Web House in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. :beach_umbrella: