Creatives DAO Social Media Update!

Hello Everyone,

Creatives DAO community has been producing artworks, events, magazines, videos audio, interviews, NFTs, metaverse parties and everything creative for nearly a year now!

In an effort to showcase what our thriving ecosystem of 75+ DAOs has been doing to the world outside of NEAR ecosystem, Creatives DAO mods have decided to help our community outreach by increasing our collective social media activity.

Instagram handle - Login • Instagram
Twitter Handle -

We are looking at
⁃ Sharing and reposting community posts
⁃ 2-3 posts per week web 3 and DAO education content
⁃ Twitter live as and when possible
(If you have an event, we’d love for you to do a takeover)

⁃ A tweet a day
⁃ Reposting informative tweets
⁃ Sharing community tweets
⁃ Twitter space per week with an associated DAO or a web 3 based project from outside

So all the post you share on Instagram or twitter, please tag Creatives DAO.
If you want to have a Twitter space hosted for your DAO, please connect with @Cryptonaut or @Paul

Our hope is to make Creatives DAO channels
⁃ a mode of inbound marketing attracting web3 projects and companies that can engage with such a big, vibrant and thriving community ecosystem and have been creating content in the blockchain space for nearly a year
⁃ for the Creatives DAO ecosystem to be able to work with the best web 3 projects out there, sharing their creatives skills with the world.

We would love to hear more ideas from the community about how we can shape the structure better. Please share your views in the comments.


This is dope @Cryptonaut
Let’s follow asap #thespians-dao


Thanks Roxy!
We need to create more and share more! So the world knows what we are creating here is nothing less than brilliant.
A community of 70+ DAOs who are web 3 ready and are experimenting with what will be the community engagement strategies of the future!
We sometimes in the present miss what we are, only in retrospect we understand.


That’s a good thing to do… Is time to reach out to more people through social media networks


Our biggest priority in #afrostar-guild that’s why we collaborate with Celebrities and Social Media Influnencers :partying_face:


Great news my people. Together we will make creative indeed creative. Nice thought :thought_balloon: my people


This is incredibly amazing, we are breaking grounds, no going back, the future is too bright and the sky is too big.


Great to see this happening!! Thank you Creatives Mods for the initiative.
already following the social medias.

just one observation:

I guess you meant Instagram live here…

for sharing and reposting DAO’s content, we will need do tag creatives on our posts, I guess… do you think about other ways to get the contents from the DAOs? Maybe a form, or something like…

looking forward to see this and also to contribute if necessary
sending my best regards

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Amazing Feat. This is the only to grow and increase our relevance. Thanks Roxy for thespians DAO


Just seeing this, amazing.

We can work it together @Cryptonaut


Great thanks
Does creative DAO have any OKRs we should be aware off to help?

could we also request about for 5% in a dao funds for marketing, such as Instagram & youtube ads?

Yes you can @AbbY. It can be a part of your main proposal

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It’s essencial.
I really thinking that need someone to dedicated to this mission with Focus.
It’s really important Creative DAO social media!
How can we create a project with paternship with @marketingdao-council ?
@Cryptonaut touch in the point !!
Spread to the world !!

We’re working on streamlining all social media platforms and we’ll announce it very soon :slight_smile: