[Welcome] INC4 Guild Introduction

Hi @Primaveralina . Would love to chat with you. I just started my NEAR journey and I’m hoping to build several projects for NEAR. I’m planning to create a Product Builders Guild and assemble some Designers and Product Managers to pursue the projects I have planned here: Mayur Jobanputra | Entrepreneur in Residence @ NEAR -. It would be great to work with your Dev team on these. A little about me: I’m a Product Manager, Product Lead, and ex-Eng and have 20+ years in s/w so I’m all about taking a lean/agile approach to building software.

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Hi @Mayur! Sure, I’d live to chat about it. Let’s jump to a quick call and see how we can cooperate :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello @Primaveralina and everyone at INC4 just wanted to drop by and say Hi :wave:, really cool you are working with a Portuguese community, I’m hailing from Leiria :portugal: (just north of Lisbon).

I was first introduced to NEAR by @Mayur and similar to him I’m now starting my own journey.
I’m still trying to figure out the whole near ecosystem but thought your project was quite interesting (thank you once again Mayur for linking this) as I’m the founder of a digital agency (Marketing, Strategy and [custom] software development).

I’m slowly but surely steering the ship into this Web3 world and NEAR feels like the ideal protocol as I’m quite focused on good UX.

I’ll make an introductory/welcome post similar to this one after but thought I would drop and say Hi, maybe we can collaborate in the future

T: @joaquimley
D: joaquimley#0579


@joaquimley. Thanks for the mention!

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Hi @joaquimley! It’s a pleasure to meet you! It’s great that you’re focused on UX, we could start a great cooperation together. @Mayur and myself are currently working on the our guilds’ collaboration flow, so to deliver products for the community need in the most efficient way, each covering their part of the product delivery process. We’d love to discuss the UX-wise covering opportunities. Let’s chat :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll reach out to you by the end of the week.

Cool ;).
Yes I think UX is the thing that needs to be tackled for the end-user, the ecosystem development itself is in a good place (ofc there’s always room for improvement) but for mass adoption the end-user UX is critical.

Have a great week, looking forward to meet you.

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Dear All!

This is to inform you that the INC4 Guild is taking operational break.
New projects requests processing are postponed till the end of February.
Will be back with you ASAP :v:

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