[Weekly reports] Marketing DAO council Dacha

This is extremely serious and I’d advise you to raise it with NF staff, especially (but certainly not only) if it’s happening on official NEAR platforms.

As a council member of the Marketing DAO I would like to share my thoughts on this matter:

At the weekly DAO zoom meeting this week I was pleased to see ALL the council members were present at the start of the call.

For the record, this was the FIRST time that everyone was involved, and the first time @Dacha was present since he joined the council.

As I have participated in every weekly meeting since I joined the council last August, I was understandably keen to meet @Dacha as the newest addition to the team.

One by one each council member joined the meeting… it was great to see a full house :heart_eyes:.

IMO to fully participate in a zoom requires both audio and video, so I was not surprised when @Grace asked @Dacha why he was not fully participating in the meeting.

There followed a sureal moment where @Dacha - the tireless campaigner for transparency and accountability in the community - presented himself as a shadowy figure, seemingly incapable of understanding the basic request to show his face… even just for a moment.

After a long pause @Dacha exited the meeting without the explanation, and the rest of the council then continued with business.

I fully understand that certain individuals within the NEAR community need to maintain their pseudo anonymity for various reasons.

However, if you maintain a vocal, high profile presence within the community and then ask to join a key DAO that is disbursing large amounts of funds, then IMO it is important that the community also has a way to see and hear you. This is a simple way of demonstrating personal transparency and building trust in the community.

In the past @Dacha has also requested, on more than one occasion, that the weekly DAO council meeting is recorded and made available to the community. I have no problems with this proposal… and would hope that @Dacha would see the disconnect between the need for greater transparency of DAO activities and decision making, and his own response to a simple request to show his face.

I notice that in the comments above it was suggested that a ‘real photo’ would make an adaquate substitution for live video. Maybe I am too old school, but this is not what I consider to be 'full participation. Facial expression is an important part of communication.

I agree with the suggestion that each DAO should be free to decide on their policy for participating in council meetings. @Dacha please feel free to make a proposal and all the Marketing DAO council members can vote.

KYC is a useful tool for ensuring that funds are disbursed in a transparent manner. But a DAO is not just a funding structure… it is also a community of individuals who share ideas and opinions. You can KYC me as many times as you like but that doesn’t mean that you really know who I am!


Transparency and personal information are two different things my fiend. I work with wallets and have no idea who stands for them.

Yes, it’s the reason why I’m asking reports from grantees. My friends form Near Community knows who I’m.

Mentioned in our group.

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Hi guys, i want to support Dacha.
I think he is only one person on forum , probably on NEAR who working for free. Who can do same for NEAR?
Who are really can take care same for ecosystem NEAR?
Long time everybody know him.

I think for this person or for this type of people in NEAR (who can do free work and who enough long time in community we can do some exeptions)

I think just he want to give to all of us equal same ability to start realise your ideas with NEAR.
Its main thing, cause i want support him


Hi @Dacha,

I would strongly encourage you to start a new post if you feel so strongly about the issue (and before demanding others do so). This is not the first time you add a comment on your own personal thread where you openly attack other Council members. It was unacceptable then and it is unacceptable now.

I believ e Grace point is quite simple - we need to have trust among Council members. You were not asked to reveal your identity to the entire world. You were asked basic common courtesy. If you can’t trust us with your real identity, why should we trust you with unbiased decision making and why should the community at large trust you with large sums of money.

I will also add that it was Grace who advocated for you to be added to the Marketing DAO. Vote would’ve failed otherwise. I believe we have been, and we can continue to improve working relations.

I truly hope we can spend less time arguing internally and can agree on some basic procedural steps to build TRUST. Relationship building is fundamental.

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Good evening. It was my first proposal

I’m sorry, I couldn’t find any “attacks” posts and sentences. Just regular discussion.

It’s not about arguing, not actually problem for me, it’s more about new rules which going to be spread on all community members and DAO’s where NF people are present. Like your urgent proposal to all Community members.

Great point. Marketing DAO approved large sums of money to grantees without any video calls. Furthermore, some contributors didn’t provide their reports. I believe it’s most important question.

Thank You for your comment and have a great day!


Week 4

1.Because we got a new payouts procedure , I proposed better (faster and comfortable) process for Marketing DAO grantees. Gonna include it in new Marketing DAO guide after approval from @marketingdao-council

2.Worked with old and new 11 proposals (offline discussion on the forum) and voice chats with Russian-speaking contributors.

All 11 grantees got my feedback in timely manner.

3.I funded urgent proposal from our great Nigerian Community Members.

4.Added our advisors in Marketing DAO work table, the last version in PDF -

Marketing DAO - week4 -end.pdf (117.6 KB)

And finally, spectacular photo from @dmitryne ‘s friend:

Near flag on third highest peak in Kenya


Привет @Dacha . Как говорится “great job” :sweat_smile:
Всегда приятно почитать твои отчеты , продолжай в том же духе.

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@Dacha you are so hard working. Keep the good work. Well done!


Week 5

For everyone who got approval (proposal status is “Approved”) , please create a pool on Astro Marketing DAO


include project name, amount in $ and denomination in N (please, check out current price on CoinGecko, targeting wallet.

And click on submit (propose) button.

After that you can fill out the google form and submit your KYC application..

Marketing DAO is preparing new detailed guild for our grantees. Thanks


January 2022 report

In January 2022 Marketing DAO got 42 proposals

Briefly Proposal Created
Persian team [Approved] report December and requested budget Persian team - #5 by David_NEAR 1/1/2022
Bangladesh ssm [PROPOSAL] January 2022 Social Media Moderation Budget For Near Protocol Bangladesh Community - #6 by Dacha 1/1/2022
Near Germany [Approved] Near German Community January 2022 1/1/2022
Cudo DAO [Approved] CUDO DAO JANUARY Social Media, communication and marketing 1/3/22
RVCJ Media [Approved] JANUARY 2022 NEAR Social Media Marketing On RVCJ Media Budget & Plan - #13 by zubairansari07 1/3/22
Datality.com [Approved] Datality.com Pre-Launch Marketing Budget - Q1 1/3/22
Kin DAO [Approved] Kin DAO January 2022 Marketing 01/04/22
Instagram channel [Approved] Instagram Community Accounts 01/05/22
Goa Music Fest banner [Approved] Banner for Music Open Jam - #2 by Dacha 1/6/22
Indonesia [Approved] January 2022 Marketing Activities budget for NEAR Indonesia Guild 1/6/22
Beer Factory [Declined] Crypto Beer Project into Company 1/6/22
OnboardingDAO [Approved] Funding of Twitter/Clubhouse AMAs by Onboarding DAO 1/6/22
Near Turkey [Approved] Near Turkey January 1/7/22
Muti DAO [Approved] muti DAO January Social Media / Marketing Support 1/7/22
Near Mix Tape [Approved] Social promotional machinery for near mixtape 1/10/22
Near Magazine [Proposal] Printing and shipment of Near Metaverse magazine 1/10/22
Ph guild November [Approved] PH Guild November 2021 Initiative 1/11/22
Ph guild December [Approved] PH Guild December 2021 Initiative 1/11/22
Kalakendra DAO January [Approved] January 2022 Social Media Marketing Budget for KalakendraDAO - #2 by Dacha 1/11/22
Help Igb [Approved]HELP! (Wallet funding/onboarding) 1/12/22
The clan DAO [Approved] Jan 2022 - Budget for blockchain/events interactions V1 - QualDAO - TheClanGuild 1/12/22
MV traiders [Approved] MV traders of Near - #2 by FritzWorm 1/13/22
Uganda [Approved] Blockchain Club of Uganda New Year Event and Social Media Budget 1/13/22
Meme daily December [Approved] NEAR MEME DAILY [December] Month Report 1/17/22
The clan ssm [Approved] Social Medias Management and Marketing Projects The Clan January 1/17/22
9ja [Approved] report/funding request for 9ja Musical for present ongoing music competition - #6 by IgbozeIsrael 1/19/22
Ru guild [Approved] RU Community Guild (Media Partnerships & Influencers) February 2022 + Binance Promo Campaign 1/19/22
Ru guild management [Approved] RU Community Guild (Managing + Activities) January 2022 1/19/22
Drinks [Declined] Starting a Flow Near Treats and Drinks 1/19/22
Turkish Crypto [Closed] Advertise to the turkish crypto audience at an affordable price - #2 by Dacha 1/20/22
Video blockchain [PROPOSAL] Video interview regarding blockchain and NEAR | Design & Promotion 1/20/22
Mint base [Approved] NEAR x Mintbase x Judas party on Feb 10th 1/20/22
Argentina guild [Approved] JANUARY 2022 Argentina Guild members Marketing budget 1/20/22
Globe YouTube [Approved] Global youtube promotion on near protocol and near ecosystem - feb 2022 1/23/22
C1 tour event [Proposal] C1 Guild Tour event (Abuja edition) 1/23/22
Near Stars Guild [Proposal] NEAR Stars Guild ⭐ next international month influencers cycle 1/25/22
Valentine shopping [Declined] NEAR VALENTINE SHOPPING 1/25/22
Near food [Rejected] Near For Food Onboarding Event 1/25/22
Gambiarra [Approved] - Gambiarra-dao - GAMBIARRA MARKETING 02/2022 1/25/22
Incubadora February [PROPOSAL] February 2022 Social Media Management + Marketing & Communication budget for Incubadora DAO 1/28/22
Art Near World [Proposal] February 2022 Activity budget for ART NEAR WORLD TRAVEL Guild - #2 by Dacha 1/29/22

Paid 3840 Near from Marketing DAO treasure

Briefly Proposal Created Approved Target wallet Amount N Report
Meme Daily [Approved] NEAR MEME DAILY November Month Expense - #11 by Dacha 11/21/2021 Yes memedaily.near 133 Yes
Chrismas in Near [Approved]Christmas is NEAR, let your creativity flow 12/12/2021 Yes christmasnearer.near 230 Yes
Ru communit y December [Approved] RU Community Guild (Managing + Activities) December 2021 12/12/2021 Yes rucommunity.sputnikdao.near 1245 Yes
Ru communit media December [Approved] RU Community Guild (Media Partnerships & Influencers) January 2022 12/12/2021 Yes rucommunity.sputnikdao.near 825 Yes
AMA offers in Persian [Approved] AMA Telegram offers for December (persian) 12/21/2021 Yes pogbanear6.near 390 No
Show with Bailey12 [Approved] For The Show with Bailey12 12/22/2021 Yes bailey12.near 26.5 Yes
IncubadoraDEc-Jan [Approved] Incubadora DAO December - January 2022 Marketing Budget Request - #16 by Dacha 12/22/2021 Yes incubadora.sputnik-dao.near 153.8 Yes
Football [Approved] Proposal For Starting A Near Sports Engagement and Education Initiative [featuring Near Football Viewing Centre and The Near Amateur League] 12/25/2021 Yes cryptomuse01.near 298.2 No
Cudo DAO [Approved] CUDO DAO JANUARY Social Media, communication and marketing 1/3/22 Yes cudo.sputnik-dao.near 52 No
Instagram channel [Approved] Instagram Community Accounts 01/05/22 Yes naveen_in.near 40 No
Goa Music Fest banner [Approved] Banner for Music Open Jam - #2 by Dacha 1/6/22 Yes dmitryne.near 5 No
Indonesia [Approved] January 2022 Marketing Activities budget for NEAR Indonesia Guild 1/6/22 Yes indonesiaguild.near 67 No
Near Turkey [Approved] Near Turkey January 1/7/22 Yes turkey.sputnik-dao.near 350 No
Help Igb [Approved]HELP! (Wallet funding/onboarding) 1/12/22 Yes ibohigboze.near 5.4 No

Onboarded two great advisors @MktngDAO_Advisors

On the last week we got 6 proposals, all grantees got feedback in timely manner (except Incubadora DAO, need to review their report)

On the next week, Marketing DAO is planning to publish new Marketing guild for public discussion.

Detailed information about Marketing DAO activities in the PDF file

Marketing DAO - Sheet1(3).pdf (119.8 KB)


My apologizes, I did not see this post until after I posted our poll so I left out some of the information in the description. Let me know if you would like me to create a new poll!


Adding on the issue of security i will like to share an image today. Why i choose to remain anonymous.

I am just a normal person without personal bodyguards etc.


Even Police Constable Involved Here :face_with_thermometer:

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Week #6

  • Marketing DAO got all December’s and January’s reports :grinning:, except
Briefly Proposal Created Approved Target wallet Amount N Report
Help Igb [Approved]HELP! (Wallet funding/onboarding) 1/12/22 Yes ibohigboze.near 5.4 No
9ja [Approved] report/funding request for 9ja Musical for present ongoing music competition - #6 by IgbozeIsrael 1/19/22 Yes ibohigboze.near 25 No

I hope we can get them soon :grinning:

and six 2021’s reports from @3UN1C3 @josedlujan @Srilakshmi @nidhi

Briefly Proposal Created Approved Target wallet Amount N Report
Telegram [APPROVED] Telegram Community Monthly Rewards 9/29/2021 Yes nearlove.near 100 No
Near Punks [APPROVED] NEAR Punks as Vietnamese Community Event Rewards 10/16/2021 Yes nearlove.near 225 No
Near Mexico [Approved] Near México November 2021 Activities 11/8/2021 Yes josedlujan.near 190 No
Naksh [Approved] Updated Marketing proposal for Naksh from Mid Nov till December 11/16/2021 Yes naksh.near 400 No
Telegram AMA Ecosystem [APPROVED] Telegram AMA with Ecosystem Projects 11/17/2021 Yes nearlove.near 75 No
Telegram Quiz [APPROVED] Telegram NEAR Quiz +Treasure Hunt 12/15/2021 Yes nearlove.near 495 No
  • Received and reviewed 13 new proposals

By the way, what do you think about new structure? Do you agree with 3 month rotation? Do you like it? Anonymous pool :

  • Yes, support it
  • No

0 voters


When your proposal is passed, it will receive an “[Approved]” Status.

After that:

  1. Go to the Marketing Astro DAO page Astro and click on big green "+"Create Proposal

Screen Shot 2022-02-06 at 10.42.25 PM

  1. Choose proposal type “Propose a poll”, then
  • Write a project/guild/member name, briefly description, amount in $, target wallet, and link on proposal (the forum), then

  • Click on “Propose” button

Screen Shot 2022-04-17 at 6.45.47 PM

Please, input correct information (target wallet, amount, link on proposal), otherwise, your poll can be rejected.

  1. Copy the link;

  1. Then come back to https://gov.near.org/ find your original proposal and paste the link.

  2. When your proposal is passed on Astro DAO, it will receive an “[Approved]” Status

Screen Shot 2022-04-17 at 6.55.31 PM

After that, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline:

Magic :grinning:

[Approved] AfroStarGuild Website
[Approved] Reddit Ops - Backpay and new compensation proposal
[Approved] Marketing INA DAO May
[Approved] Marketing & Communication for "Save The Clan" (one time payout)
[Approved] reimbursement travel expense Roadshow Paras & NEAR Protocol
[Approved] Proposal For Starting A Near Sports Engagement and Education Initiative [featuring Near Football Viewing Centre and The Near Amateur League]
[Approved] FOR NEAR DANCE AMBASSADOR (NDA) February 2022
[APPROVED] Starting Near Book Clubs In Tertiary Institutions
[Approved] APRIL 2022 Social Media + Marketing + Branding
[Approved] Near Protocol Meetup
[Approved] Near Ankara-İstanbul Meeting
[Approved] budget Requested February of Persian
[Approved] muti DAO March Marketing & web3 website integration support
[Approved] A New Turkish Newsletter : Near Planet
[Approved] Funding For the NEAR French Community for the next 3 months ( March , April , May )
[Approved] March 2022 Social Media + Marketing budget for fraDAO
[Approved] Nxm DAO Marketing Funding March -2022
[Approved] university initiative Near meetup ( adjusted)
[Approved] March 2022 - Social Media Production & Maintenance Budget for Demonstra DAO
[Approved] Near Protocol Meetup
[Approved] Increasing number of wallets/users in Goa, India and eventually in Indian Metro Cities
[Approved][February][Report] Instagram Community Accounts
[Approved]February 2022 Social Media Marketing Budget for KalakendraDAO
[Approved] Public onboarding on the physical event EAT(Encounter of Art And Technology), Nomade Label DAO in São Paulo
[Approved] March 2022 Social Media Management + Marketing & Communication budget for Incubadora DAO
[Approved] Education + Onboarding Workshop for Creative Womxn Entrepreneurs & Marketers
[Approved] February Near Canada Marketing - Social Media
[Approved] NEAR HO CHI MINH CITY Meet Up
[Approved] Nomadelabel-DAO - Socialmedia/MARKETING 03/2022
[Approved] NFTribe Workshop Series 2022
[Approved] Social Media and Marketing activities for NEAR Health Guild 03-04/2022
[Approved] RU Community Guild (Media Partnerships & Influencers) March 2022
[Approved] RU Community Guild (Managing + Activities) March 2022
[REPORT] [Approved] February Near Italia
[Approved + Report] Marketing Budget for Naksh to participate at the SDNFT Con 2022
[Approved] Merch for NFConference in April 2022 in Lisbon
[Approved] Marketing Initiatives for Marma J Foundation - April 2022
[Approved] April Launch Event + Promotion / Mintbase x NFTs for Near Nordic
[Approved] Ready Layer One Podcast budget for 1 month of episodes
[Approved] Nomadelabel Marketing April Plan - Upgraded
[Approved + Report] Participation in NamasteyNFT Metaverse Summit (Bangalore, May 14-15)
[Approved] Global Youtube promotion on near protocol and near ecosystem - March - April 2022
[Approved] Datality Grant proposal 03/24/2022
[Approved] April 2022 Education program on Telegram chat bot
[Approved] Funding for NEAR Malaysia Guild (Mar-Apr)
[Approved] Pre-2022 season build-up and NFT tickets
[Approved] NEAR MEME DAILY [March+April+May] Funding
[Approved] Marketing OCTÓPODE DAO- MAY
[Approved][March][Report] Instagram Community Accounts
[Approved] April 2022 Content & Infographic Production - Near Insider Guild
[Approved] FEMINU DAO - Monthly Financing / April 22
[Approved] near indoor sports competition
[Approved] FEMINU DAO - Monthly Financing / April 22
[APPROVED] DAOrecords - Marketing DAO Funding - April 2022
[Approved] Launch of Near Mexico City Meet Ups & Nodes
[Approved] muti DAO Marketing April
[Approved] Sponsorship for WEB3 Conf to represent NEAR and NEAR Indian Projects in Aug 2022
[Approved] Marketing for marmaj Workshop: NFTs, DeFi, and DAOs
[Approved]Gambiarra DAO - Proposal Marketing - MAY/2022
[Approved] Arroz Criativo Social Media, PR and MKT | May/22
[APPROVED] June/2022 – Add Near currency, Content Creation budget for Startup
[Approved] DAOrecords Marketing Campaign | May-22
[Approved] NEKO / Good Fortune Felines - NEAR NFT Ambassadors at 2022 NFT NY Conference (Jun 20-23)
[Approved] NxM DAO Marketing Funding - May 2022
[Approved] Near Nordic - Community Building and Engagement [May/June]
[Approved] Nomade Label Marketing - May Plan UPDATED
[Approved] Near Italia report and update
[Approved] June 2022 Marketing strategy to Expand LEAFES Dao
[Approved] June 2022 Social Media (Twitter, Telegram, Youtube) Content Production - Near Insider Guild
[Approved] July 2022 Social Media budget for fraDAO
[Approved, no report, future funding on hold] OpenBiSea post launch social media marketing campaign
[Approved] NEAR Turkey Community [August - September]
[Approved] Near Future Youtube channel
[APPROVED] Memes on social networks
[Approved] Rebranding & Redesigning ”NearNFT.io”
[Approved] August 2022 Social Media - Near Insider Guild
[APPROVED] Memes on social networks
[APPROVED] NEAR Indonesia (Aug & Sep 2022)
[APPROVED] September 2022 Near Brasil Webducation 3.0
[Approved] NEAR German September / October
[Approved] near nigeria activities for september
[APPROVED] Ready Layer One Podcast Series of Episodes
[Approved] November 2022 NEAR Media & News Guild Social Media Moderation Budget
[Approved] Marketing DAO Proposal (Metamon)
[APPROVED] RealBirds social media marketing campaign budget
[Approved] NEAR at NIGHT Twitter Spaces - Monthly Funding Request
[APPROVED] NCD Course In Turkey
[Approved] Marketing Sponsor For NEAR2ATO Treasure Hunt By Atocha Game Guild
[Approved] September 2022 Marketing for Waka
[APPROVED] NEAR Ecosystem in Minecraft
[Approved] NEAR Hub Marketing Support - September 2022
[Approved] December 2022 Funding for Marketing to create content and introduce new users to the NEAR ecosystem
[Approved] Budget for November - December to create media content on YouTube channel
[Approved] NearUAGuild Activities - September 2022
[Approved] September Budget - ViaNFT
[Approved] Creating a video for Near Protocol with DeFi Teller
[Approved] NearExplorer - September/2022
[APPROVED] Introduction + Creating NearbooksDAO

Marketing DAO work table (week 5) : proposals, delays, reports, councils and advisors activities and voting (pdf file).

Marketing DAO - week5.pdf (138.9 KB)

Have a great week.


Please I wish to be cleared about something, is the role of writing this weekly report solely for @Dacha.

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There is no obligation, as it stands, for any Council members to write a weekly report. Dacha does this on his own accord, it’s valuable, no doubt, but it’s not required.


@David_NEAR thank you for the the clarification.
Wow! @Dacha Thank you for the good work. Now I even appreciate the work you are doing more.
Please keep up the good work.