Weekly Reddit Report 09/19 - 10/01 & Announcement!

Stan @NearProtocol

Weekly Report 09/19 - 10/01

Well, we just had another record month, let’s make the month of October even BIGGER!

REDDIT main tasks which were covered:

  • Interact with various posts that members liked and engaged with.
  • Assisted users having issues with AMAs & rewards.
  • Worked together with Reddit ops
  • Daily Managed the Moderation Queue
  • managed support thread

As already mentioned, September is our biggest month so far, our previous record was reached in August with 27k page views, let’s say this month we almost doubled that, we reached 45k pageviews, with an overall growth of 66%, while at the beginning of this year, in January we averaged around 2k that’s a crazy 2150% INCREASE!

The overall new members were within average, actually slightly decreased by 25% from last month, that’s mostly due to AMAs that brought who unfortunately didn’t convert as new followers thought, would advise adding as a rule “must follow the Subreddit to partecipate!


As mentioned in the previous report there were a few suspicious users that are still being analyzed, from now will try to analyze and find bad actors during amas.

ALSO, the daily report form has been officially implemented, the monthly report with the most frequent questions, issues, bad actors and general tips to improve can be found here: DAILY FORM REPORT

THE OFFICIAL WORKFLOW FOR DISCORD AND TELEGRAM CMs is already being used and would be really helpful for new Mods!




My main goals

  • Unite our community by making sure to engage with supporters & community members.
  • Being able to provide high-quality support to our members.
  • Control and reduce scammers & bad actors that create friction within our main communication channels.
  • Keep growing and create smaller communities based on language, region, and time zone.

PSS I have to announce something as well, for the last few weeks I’ve been working with a partner of mine on a new project that would help us grow even bigger and make us more united, I’m happy to announce our new project “NEAR ITALIA”

(Roadmap and official project plan will be posted as a separated thread soon)


Molto bene! Excited to hear more about this :tada: :it:

good to see we’re expanding into Italia. I love Italian Parmigiano Reggiano btw :slight_smile: