[Week-5-6] (CLOSED) Filipino Artist Guild Art Challenge

This is my Entry .this is all about me…while drawing and also studying … the ability to keep up with everyone … because the effort given to them is really different from your hands … thank you for giving this challenge … this is a big help to another artist …


On my journey in near protocol, my pointing finger is my main weapon inorder to move forward, without it I can’t continue or even start on my journey.

Behold the power of my finger!


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Hello Everyone Icyl here :unicorn: and this is my entry for Filipino Artists Guild’s week 5-6 Art Challenge “Make Your Own Style”.

This illustration shows “Uni” my Avatar standing in the middle of the street wearing only his Helmet and Sword given to him by the F.A.G. He is still a bit confused about what is happening around him I mean there are Giant creatures around him and he’s only been a part of this world for about three weeks after all. But he is dedicated to continue his journey, to continue evolving and improving his skills and to enevitably reach his goal of being a name that inspires others Just like others have done for me.

I really enjoyed this challenge thank you for the opportunity to join and showcase my abilties. Also thank you Master Ritzzard for the art tips :smiley: natulungan talaga ako.


  • frenzic.near


Brief explanation:

This art is about the start of my journey as a PARAS ARTIST. At first I actually don’t have any idea what concept I’ll make since I just join a few days ago.

But I got inspired on how this community, specially FILIPINO ARTIST GUILD helps me to grow as an artist. This comics cover I made was the art which I consider as my stepping stone. A stepping stone which is my imagination is my only weapon. That’s why I entitled this entry with “The Power of Imagination”.

The three tigers in this art is my FIRST THREE CARDS COLLECTION, “WONDER TIGERS”. Why do I choose this to be my main concept? Because this three wonder tigers was made with the power of imagination. And this collection is my milestone to success.


you are good as well Ms. Ligaya :slight_smile:


This is my entry for Week 5 - Week 6 Art Challenge

The Invaders of Near Blockchain ZYBERION is about me and the characters that I minted and shaped my journey in Paras. These People are the local Workers that I know personally and reimagined them as cyborgs, and at the TOP of the illustration is myself as their creator I command them to GRAB the NEARS of the collectors to fuel my art and passion. The art style is heavily inspired by 90’s Marvel/DC comics giving you the old school comic vibes.

Thank you F.A.G. for this opportunity to showcase my art style and for giving us the freedom to reimagine our journey through our art.



This is my entry for the FAG week 5 to 6 entitled Mido let the fight begin portraying our journey on Near Protocol .

(It’s my girlfriend and I working with this project)

Our Nft journey so far is the most mind blowing yet amazing chapter of our life.

Mind blowing because a week or month won’t pass without us getting into a silly argument or small fight over small disagreements.

“You know better than I ,you do the work”
" can you make it like this "
“No my idea is better!”
“Can we give the free cards?”
“You do the shilling”
Kind of stuff . It might sound ridiculous to all of you but yeah . We sometimes fight about such matter because we are new to the nft space and we are not familiar on how the ecosystem works .We fight because we somehow want everything to work well while exploring and learning about the Near protocol.

Great part because everytime we fight we get to know the things that we lack of.We get to realize that we’re way too different from each other but it doesn’t make us less of a couple perhaps it made our relationship stronger. She’s my partner indeed.She do the things I am not good at and I do the things she’s not good at.That made our imperfections perfect for each other .Thanks to Paras Hq the number 1 rival in our relationship (just kidding haha) kidding aside,Paras open new doors for us and to Filipino artist Guild who guides us since the beginning of our journey .And yeah … We won’t get tired of fighting…Fighting to seek for knowledge and to push beyond our limits.



2 days Before the Deadline, Lets Go Team​:astronaut::rocket:
April 10 11:59pm Gmt Time we are going to Closed This Art Challenge …

Everyones Entries are so amazing and Interesting,


“Week 5-6 Art Challenge”


  • a story of an artist who uses another alias known as “Twinblade” to find and collect the most efficient source of power in the Metaverse, NEARtokens… He changes his identity in order to blend to other explorers of the vast and wild, broad field of NEAR PROTOCOL Blockchain.

  • He collects NEARtokens for the sole purpose of defeating the most dangerous enemy of all artists, “ARTBLOCK”. An entity that manipulates, confuses and brainwashes artists into the dark deep abyss of emptiness and depression, laziness and loneliness, procrastination and demotivation… Only the NEARtokens can provide the energy for him to constantly fight this malicious force of the deep Conciousness


Thank you guys especially for the Filipino Artist Guild and the Council


As my first adventure at Near Protocol x Paras Universe, I created a lot of Demon Boss as a hobby, I made Angels, Gods as a Demon becoz of my wild imagination i became timid of other things little did I know that my creation will become a threat to our Near Universe, and as a creator not only God gifted me the power of Imagination but also the power to Eliminate them all as my creation. My name is Shadz, the creator and slayer of Demon Boss, and this is my first adventure when i take my foot step at Near Universe.

This is inspired by my own collection called : Demon Boss.

Thank you again FAG for amazing weekly art con! Padayon Filipino Artist! LFG :fire:



This digital illustration is about my life in near protocol as an nft artist or an artist in general. Ever since i stepped into the digital art world from being a traditional artist, i have been so fascinated with the things you can do and create using technology as an art medium. It’s like stepping in a whole new world. The freedom of creating whatever you like with limitless possibilities is incredible. You don’t stop learning, you just continue while enjoying the process along the way.

For this concept i just explored some techniques and applied it using my imagination. I also took some reference to help me create this piece. That’s all.



Paras Journey (creative_creation)

Paras was a breakthrough for me and noong nakita ko ang concept ng bagong world na ito I was just amazed na may pinag-aralan o wala, simple o mayaman, lahat may opportunity to show what they’ve got and recieve din the appreciation na minsan more than what we deserve pa nga. From a country na hindi naman talaga that much appreciated ang art, it was amazing! (I know any Pinoy artists can relate).

From dying and cheap commissions to this! Grabe. As a Christian myself, I would totally say God used this platform to provide for me and my family.

In this drawing are my past and current collections. The one na mukhang alien, it’s “Crypto Joey”. The birds, “Bird’s Cave” and the monkey is my most recent called “Mutated_Monkeys”.

It was emotional drawing these guys, it’s crazy na sa Isang picture magkakasama kami haha. I never viewed them as characters lang to give me money. They all have sentimental value para sa akin. They were all part of the process and grabe ang nostalgia na nafe-feel ko just by seeing them. Although it’s a bit sad na I have to say goodbye to them to catch up sa gusto ng collectors, I still keep them in my heart.

In the background are all the thriving projects and as obviously seen, they are wayyy up there and here I am, nasa baba lang. This conveys the contentment that I have. It’s fun making NFTs! May bumili man o wala, it was a HEAVY training for me. Definitely learned a lot —one of the best chapters of my life!

Thank you Near! Thank you Paras! And Filipino Artist Guild for letting me express this HAHA!

May God Bless us all. :heart:


Twitter Post: https://twitter.com/c_creationph/status/1512623937980870661?t=cjiMRHAs100x2rTDk7xSog&s=19


SHINOBI (The Journey Into the Near Protocol) Vol. 1

“The Legacy”

Jcsarts is one of the Filipinos who enters the world of the Nearverse. In his journey into the Nearverse he met these team whose fighting to be the Top 1 in the whole world. At first he fought with these 4 people with 1 condition. If jcsarts win he will have those 4 people in his team and if the 4 of them wins jcsarts will be kick out into the nearverse.

What will happen to the rest of their journey?

Wait for the updates of the Vol. 2



Hello. This is my entry of week 5-6 challenge. As an artist in the near blockchain, my collection really helped me in many things. Not just in my personal and financial needs but also as an artist because i now i understand and found my own artsyle. It is like a stepping stone or path of what i really want. I really enjoyed and always excited to make because there are people who always support and always like what i am doing. And i always continue to improve and pursue my passion as an artist in this environment.

thank you so much for this challenge. i really enjoyed working on this artwork.



hello near peeps,this is my entry for Week 5-6 Art Challenge of FAG:)

I created this comic cover
to express what I felt to my 3 months (and still counting…) journey here in Near Protocol while we are in pandemic.I’m very glad that on that short period of time,I gained a lot of new and very talented friends although they’re only from the internet, I’m glad that I met them.Those people that amazed me,not only because of their skills in arts but also the stories of each them of why did they start creating NFTs.
I got inspired because of them and start to have a courage to draw again.
Because of NFTs, slowly but surely my skills are having a progress:) and I’m very happy with this journey,it will stay gold for me.
Also u can see how I rlly love coffee,for me it’s the reason why I’m still alive and can draw at midnight><I think we can all agree that coffee is life.

And also,thank you so much FAG Community for supporting and having this contest for us, lovelots and take caree peeps!



Hey Guys, its Really An honor To Have Such an Amazing growing Community​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:.

Those Who Tweet thier Entries And Tag @Fil_ArtistGuild, thank You.

Hope to see some will tweets thier Entries too and Tag us . Be proud Of Your Piece .
Our Arts Is Our babies to be proud Of as arki’s says . LFG :rocket::rocket:


This is my 3rd time to join the FAG Contest hopefully i can clinch one of the placements.


When i start nft back on December 2020, i was able to explore about the Crypto World through Near protocol Blockchain and as a self taught artist i was able to start my Nft Journey but it wasn’t enough to earn, then i stop. But i comeback with a strong mindset with determination with the help of co-artist within our community it help me a lot to pursue this journey, it was stable yet full of struggle and a lot of hardwork.

And i was able to feed and buy bills for my family also help other through my SCRIBBLE ART that i mint it was dramatically awesome to get sales and earn to this platform. And now my ART BLOCK become the SUCCESS exploring many things and believe to yourself is the key for improvement.



Amazing skill.

apaga angas :clap:

sobra na kayo sa 2021.

Anyway Good luck to everyone.

you all deserve to win :scream:


One of the Members Request to submit her entry because her Account is still On Hold here in Forum.

This piece depicted my journey in Near Protocol.

It started when someone introduced me to Near Protocol, which led to me activating my wallet, creating my own logo, and minting my first NFT artwork while drinking coffee.

My journey was fascinating and enjoyable despite the fact that it was not without difficulties.

@Swilart swilart.near


The Green

journey in near protocol.

That was my life inside a near forum, despite the fact that I’m new to near protocol but I know that modern technology has been an advantage and a benefit to as artists. They’ve thought as to develop ourselves holistically, to be known and earn. Gold coins symbolizes wealth. Then the Girl represents Near Protocol. The meaning why she’s blindfolded it is because she doesn’t give the basis if you’re new or not in the field of arts still they’ll help you grow. I decided to named that piece GREEN because it represents technology which includes the essence of Near Protocol.