[Approved] KalakendraDAO Participation in Web3 Conf India

DAO : Kalakendra DAO

Funding Scheme : Monthly

Project : Participation of Kalakendra DAO in web3 Conf GOA

Council : @Monish016 @gurubaran @Aslam015

Target Address : kalakendradao.sputnik-dao.near

Previous Marketing DAO proposals

Marketing DAO funding

Previous Marketing DAO Reports

Previous Event Marketing DAO Report

Request amount: 2250USD in NEAR

In accordance with the proposal mentioned here.

We DAOs/guild & Marketplaces of NEAR in India would love to Participate in the Event Happening in Goa from 12 to the 14th of August. It is important to attend such events to grow and develop the emerging Web3 space and Community in terms of Community Growth, Activation, and Collabs between DAOs and Across Chains.

We at Kalakendra DAO are planning to attend the event by collaborating with Naksh, GoaDAO, and other DAOs/projects based out of India.

Funding Requested

  • SatoriNFTs, which has the POAPs & Enables opening of wallet - $500
  • All-Access Pass(As only two passes will be given to sponsors) - $300
  • NEAR Web3 Conf NFT POAP Bounty - $200
    We Request $200 for the Bounty for the NEAR Web3 NFT POAP Creation to the Near Community on the forum.
  • Travel,Stay & Food Expenses - $650 for 3 Person / 3 days
    ($500 Will be supported from KalakendraDAO Treasury)
  • KalakendraDAO Presence - $300 for Posters, Banners and Tshirts.
  • VR- Metaverse Experience - $300 (Optional) - Oculus Quest 2 - Rent 2Nos

We Also planning to Provide VR Experience in NEAR For the Participants attending the Event. We would love to Rent 2nos Oculus Quest 2 for the Event.

  • Planning to Show the VR Experience of NEAR Hub Various Rooms
  • Mintbase 3XR Stores/ Libraries
  • NFT MarketPlaces like Uniqart and Naksh (if possible).

Total Requested funds: $2250

Tagging @marketingdao-council for visibility.

cc. @srilakshmi @gurubaran


  1. Budget Revised
  2. Report from the Previous proposal Added

There is a vast potential for sustainable layer 1’s like Near to build and grow in the Indian Market. This event would be an excellent opportunity to educate people about Near Protocol and onboard to Near Ecosystem.

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Near already has a presence at this event and therefore I cannot approve this proposal.

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Hey @Klint, funds was just received to sponsor the event through community Booth, we are collaborating with @Srilakshmi to participate and present near protocol in that event. The proposal is pretty much the same. @Srilakshmi requested for booth and kalakendradao is requesting for the organise the booth/event.

We will try to create a indian events dao to participate in future events to avoid confusion

Hi Monish, thanks for your proposal!

Would you please be able to provide a list of all the projects and proposals you are currently involved with?

While there is nothing inherently wrong with the current proposal, Council is mindful of multiple allocations to the same teams and we are asking people to prioritise as we are not able to fund them all.


If this is a collaboration, why are there two proposals for the same event? @Srilakshmi can you comment on the collaboration on the booth/event? Thanks!


Hey @satojandro, Currently am Part of

  • Kalakendra DAO
  • NxM
  • The Auction DAO

Which is getting funds from both Creatives and Marketing Verticals.

Also, I would like to add my comment to the Concern, Am Just being the Part above mentioned DAOs Expect Kalakendra DAO, which I am leading.
Also, Am not receiving any funds from The Auction DAO as a council to add value to the DAO.

  • I will also not receive any funding for council work for Nxm this month, even adding value to the DAO
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So, Basically, the idea is to have community booth sponsorship as a single Proposal, and Each India Related DAO, like Kalakendra DAO (a Mission to onboard Indian artists and web2 players into NEAR Web3 space), can request funding individually to Marketing to Be more accountable to the funds received by each DAO.

So @Srilakshmi just received funding for the booth. Where Kalakendra DAO & Naksh will Help organize the booth.

Previous Examples where Kalakendra Received Funding for [Namastey NFT Booth] & Onboarding ([Approved] Participation of Kalakendra DAO in Namastey NFT Metaverse Summit),
Where Each DAOs like GOA DAO and Grafitti DAO Requested funding for Other activities like Music and Onboarding
[Approved + Report] Participation in NamasteyNFT Metaverse Summit (Bangalore, May 14-15)

May be we can collaborate from Upcoming Months to avoid confusions

Thank you

cc. @Srilakshmi can you pls acknowledge

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Hi @so608 and team,

So my proposal was for sponsoring the booth which will host NEAR and some of its projects.
I am also in touch with the Near foundation team from India in regards to the level of involvement with this event.
I will be able to clarify this much better on Monday post my call with the team.

To clarify, @Monish016’s proposal is regarding the participation of Kalakendra DAO for the event and the marketing material required to onboard users to the community.


Good evening, I believe you have enough month to cover the trip.

By the way, 30% of the DAO expenses go to the council’s paycheck. I believe it’s unacceptable and should be reduced to 5-10%. (in Marketing DAO ~ 3,5%)


Hey @Dacha, The Amount in the DAO Treasury can cover the expenses towards the GOA Web3 Conference, But we have some pending payments to be made, Also we have other plans such as bounty for the community participating in stake wars three and more coming up. Also, we already agreed on using $500 from the Treasury, as stated below.

Please check out the Work as a council mentioned above also; this 30% is split between the councils,

Also, As a part of the Onboarding, we are trying hard to bring more projects from other blockchains like polygon and AVAX; this includes Hours of discussion, IRL, and conference.

Please find out the Project which we incubated from kalakendraDAO to be on NEAR.

Investors Pitch Deck V3 (1).pdf (2.9 MB)

Infinity Meteverse has applied for Grants from DAOcubator, Near Ecosystem grant as well as Human guild.

Also, we have bought Bringbackbees from the Binance chain to Near as a DAO. While, business on NEAR paid a bounty of 10K USD for this activity.

I feel the payout is reasonable to split between councils. still debatable request to schedule a call to discuss further

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Nearians do it for free every day. It’s our mission.

No problem, but it’s 30% of all the DAO budget.


Hi Monish,

Thanks for reviewing the budget and replying to my questions.

I am willing to support this proposal as I acknowledge the event is going to be a great opportunity and that you are working closely with other ecosystem partners.

However, we do have some spending caps - both per month, per event, per DAOs and per individual. Given the current market conditions, I am going to have to ask you to strip down the proposal to he most basic items to enable you to attend. In particular, I always find ‘prizes’ money to be hard to account for and have questionable ROI.

I believe these two items are the same and could be merged? Satori does include opening of wallets, it’s actually better to have the POAP attached to it as we can track it and is a more meaningful experience (likely to engage users, create a stronger emotional connection, etc.)

Is this really necessary? I would chop.

I’ll allow you to quickly review budget again and make any cuts where possible before final approval. Do note that you would still need approval from two more Council members.


Hi @satojandro, Thank you for supporting the proposal, I have made changes to the budget of the proposal; let me know if anything needs to be chopped off.

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I’m continuing to follow/review this proposal – sorry @Monish016 not trying to draw this out unnecessarily but before I register my decision on the Forum and in our tracking spreadsheet, I am curious if @Srilakshmi can let us know what came out of the NF call about this booth and participation if there’s anything relevant to this proposal from that conversation? Thanks!


Hey @so608 Loraine no worries, am happy to wait as well. I appreciate the efforts in reviewing the proposal.
Also, if NF sponsore the event or not, we as KalakendraDAO will represent the event for sure.

Thank you

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Ok, @Monish016, I support your proposal. I hope you’re going to revise budgets in your DAOs, reduce council rewards, and increase expenses on Community. Thanks


Thanks for revising this @Monish016 – I can support the updated proposal. Moving to approved – you can submit to Astro.


Thank you @so608, Please find the link to the poll


The costing is too high as per Indian food and hotel charges, In Goa to you if you calculate about food in INR it costs around 3000 INR/Day so for 3 person 3 days it will be 27K INR and that you need to give this as per your need why forum give your food expenses??? and if I talk about your stay in hotel if you live in goa for three days it only costs 30K if forum give this fund so you live in 5 star hotel or which hotel you live in need to share that details also…

Why Near forum Approved this Klint Dacha so608 if I’m in marketing DAO I refuse this proposal

If you want to give funds for food and stay there are lots of poor people in GOA you can send them

Also if all communities are give proposal like same this @marketingdao-council can approve all of them???