Web3 Developer Wanted - Platform built on NEAR

Web3 Developer

Job offer


We are looking for an experienced full stack web3 developer to join the team and work on our innovative platform. The quality, design and usability of our products is critical to the success of our business. It is therefore essential that we bring the best people on board. You will work on the product’s backend and / or frontend, as well as new APIs and third-party integrations, testing and code reviews. Your mission is to help design, implement and improve our platform to maximize our product’s output. Everything you do will have to deal with the user experience and usability of the product. This is a great opportunity to join a very high potential Decentralized Autonomous Organization building a platform digitalizing the Cannabis industry.

This position requires at least 5 years of experience in web development, 2 years in blockchain development. ETH / Solidity experience a must, Rust and / or NEAR protocol experience a blessing.

The Team

Under the umbrella of crypto veterans & leaders of renowned exchanges, You will be joining the Core Team composed of brillant minds and respond to the CTO, Epitech alumni 2005 (native / full-stack / crypto dev). Lots of knowledge sharing. A taste for functional programming is a plus.

You will always be learning and have project ownership and responsibility. You will be responsible for the deployment of your own releases. DevOps skills appreciated but not a must. We work in sprints to improve performance and support our growth. We expect you to play a key role in mentoring, leading and reviewing the code of your co-workers and new joiners, to share your experience and inputs, be a problem solver and propose efficient and pragmatic solutions. Team is fully remote but we encourage remote pair programming by sharing screens. We are experienced, passionate, motivated and hard workers, with varied but complementary backgrounds and previous experiences in the crypto, legal, deep tech, video games, media, ecommerce and web industry.


You master nodejs, react, material ui, web3, ipfs, solidity / rust. You have worked with a variety of API and blockchain projects in the past, so you can easily handle and integrate any new features in our system. You know how to use git, github, gitlab. Versioning is your friend and you are used to submitting PRs from feature branches.


You set very high standards for others and especially for yourself, you are always learning and not afraid to try new things. Mistakes are lessons to remember and feedbacks are gifts. You are familiar with Agile development processes. You are self-motivated and able to achieve development goals with minimal supervision. We intend to grow fast, you have learned to balance short term deadlines with long term solutions, sometimes with short term ‘hacks’ if needed but with the ability to call out real issues and create elegant, scalable solutions in the long term. You’re passionate about coding and delivering exceptional features to enhance the product. You’re creative, innovative, collaborative, and comfortable with constant change. We are a startup, nothing is written in stone, we change our mind often :wink: When something is broken, you should feel empowered to fix it. You’re interested in the multidisciplinary aspect of the role as well as the long-term vision of the product. Most importantly, you’re not afraid to take ownership of projects and initiatives. Your code is awesome! You speak correct oral but perfect written English.

Our Stack

nodejs, react, JavaScript, Webpack HTML 5 / CSS 3, material ui, go, blockchain, solidity, NEAR Protocol, web 3.0, ipfs, Cloud infrastructure, Docker, Cloudflare, Mixpanel, Gitlab, Github, Discord, Monday


  • Salary + tokens equity depending on track record / experience.
  • Access to an unparalleled network through our founders.
  • Be surrounded only by smart people.
  • Work on a stack with the latest tools and softwares.
  • Autonomy and freedom in your work.
  • Be part of the revolution of the Cannabis industry and have fun.

Join us!

Email a@fluxagency.io with your cover letter and CV

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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