Web 3.0 Entrepreneurship Education - The Open Web Atlas

TLDR; Call for content and topic ideas for the Open Web Atlas, a content repository for entrepreneurs in web 3. Ideally this content will help drive creators to dive deeper into OWC and NEAR. (Content pieces can be submitted [here].)

Similar concepts are being offered by other companies, such as Stripe and Github, where the community can contribute knowledge and educational literature. Open Web Atlas would fulfill this same role and showcase the steps and key considerations when building a decentralized app. Open Web Atlas would focus less on technical education, which is already covered by NEAR Documentation and the NEAR blog.

Initially, we’ll source content from NEAR core and also syndicate/create new content with folks outside of NEAR. While this will start centralized, the hope is to find a way down the road (months from now) to decentralize it while keeping the quality of the content high. Looking ahead to the future of decentralized writing, we’re inspired by $GRC, Mirror and MintGate and we’ll see how we can loop these products and concepts into what we create.

To get things rolling, we have put together a list of topics below.

Web 3.0 Company-building / Entrepreneur Audience

  • Choosing the right resources to build (coding bootcamps, hackathons, incubator, accelerator)
  • Incorporation (What and where?)
  • Employment relationships (FTE vs. contractor) / Hiring
    • First hires, identifying roles needed
    • Finding technical talent
    • People management / managing performance
  • Revenue model
  • GTM
  • Product development and launch
  • Branding / Marketing
  • How to engage larger Web 2.0 companies? Biz dev
  • How to leverage blockchain technology for your business?
  • Creating a developer ecosystem

Web 3.0 Developer Audience

  • Protocol Governance
  • Token Distribution
  • Community building in crypto
  • Tokenomics
  • Ecosystem Development /Stakeholder 101
  • Adoption: Capital Markets vs. Ecosystem
  • Launching a token/crypto project (IDO vs foundation)
  • Fundraising
    • On-chain or off-chain
    • VC or no VC
  • Business models - web 2 vs. web 3
  • Choosing the right smart contract platform

Sounds perfect. Can you spin it up so we can begin contributing to the Gitbook directly ASAP?

I just submitted a contribution (the first?) to the Open Web Atlas: “Founding a Crypto Company”. Yay!


Yayyy, thank you!!! You are the first! :1st_place_medal:

Quick update note that it sounds like the OWA project is splitting into two parts –

  1. Open Web Collective’s knowledge base as per the above proposal and more curated content

  2. A DAO-driven Open Web Atlas which is more open source and community-contributed wiki guide that includes everything from operational SOPs to legal questions to people questions to community SOPs and playbooks.

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I just posted something that hopefully ties the bigger picture together for all these information sources: Information Journeys and Builder Pathways: How the Website, Wiki, Docs, Open Web Atlas and Community OS fit together