Venezuela [January 2022] Reward Claim of [yehosua.near#2055]

Hello Near community, I hope you are well, receive a strong and cordial greeting.

Below I will explain and detail some of the activities carried out in the month of January for the Near Venezuela Guild, at this time apart from making content for Near Venezuela Guild directly, he also collaborated on 2 direct projects in Near Venezuela, these are:

Crypto Beer: For this project, I have carried out the following activities.

1 Banner.
3 cup designs.
2 Talkers.
3 Audiovisual productions.
2 posts for Instagram.
1 Flyer.
2 Coupon Designs.
Logo redesign.

These works are done with the purpose of prospecting the Crypto Beer project, through an advertising campaign that allows the success and fulfillment of the project’s objectives.

Palmeros de chacao: I have also made videos for the palmeros de chacao project, which was an audiovisual production.

  • 1 Audiovisual production.

I have also made material for Near Venezuela Guild such as the following:

  • merchandise designs
  • Memes.
  • graphic arts.

It is important to highlight that, before each design or edition, there is a time for research, data collection, and examples that allow the best possible work to be carried out.

It is also important to explain that all design or audiovisual editing has certain stages before reaching the final result, in many cases the one that takes the longest, the stage of corrections since the design can be changed from 3 to 5 or +5 in certain cases.

Opening of Instagram accounts for the pilot of the NEAR Influencer project, where my daily life as a member of the Near Venezuela Guild will be shown.

So the total hours employed to date is approximately 80 hours.

Without further ado, I say goodbye, as always letting the entire community know that I will be here to support them in whatever they need.

Kind regards.