Sandbox [November] Reward Claim of [yehosua.near#2055]


happy to cotribute another month


Type of activity:

NEAR Force + Content Creation

Link to Result:

  • NEAR Force

Community Manager →

+500 followers → $150

Daily Activity → $100

  • Content Creation

554 words + own graphic → $44.32

Estimated Final Reward:


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Good morning! Probably, you already got money here. Twitter account was included in the guild report.


Propose : reject double payment

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Hello, Near Venezuela Guild is not paying anything to anyone of the previous Near commmunity members.

Near Venezuela is only taking care (for free/for now) of the funds management of two projects, cryptobeer and palmeros de chacao that are leading by @ArianaVictoriaMoreno and @Tibyparedes respectively.

In resume: We @LuisAponte99 @Nicolasp2 @Jloc are not paying for it or having any payroll setup for any of us, just collaborating.

@Dacha for your information, we did all of the following task for free except for the videos that we had to rent an office and we had to spend money so we ask for funds in advance, and we have talk about it that you have right the videos will be improved, and I am right to that they had serve us.


And about onboarding new members into the community, I believe we are on the top, I was the second one onboarding more than 3 hahaha only @grace did it before, take a look here:

Just to clear it up ! :v: :beers:


Hey, @yehosua.near Thank you for your Contribution to OWS!

Claim #1 Approved Social Media Near Force - 100$ & 100$ for Reaching 500 Followers
Claim #2 Approved $60 USD for Content Creation and Adding Own Graphics

Total Approved : 200+60 = $260 USD

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