[UPDATE] muti association

muti is taking the next steps to become an established entity, not only in web3 but also in the physical world. To be able to work with the local city halls, run more residencies, and also support artists through events and markets we have decided to create a legal non-profit association.

This will allow us all the mentioned points above and we will be able to think of our development in a bigger picture. It will be a big step in terms of self-sustainability and not only working with NEAR but also working with local entities and blending in both worlds.

In order to set up the association, the following costs have to be covered:

Those 500€ will be used for any administrative fees of the association:

  1. accountant: 65€/66 USD per month
  2. fees to open the fiscal and bank activity
  3. monthly bank fees (7.25€/mo)