[APPROVED] Budget muti DAO April

Project/Council Members:




Target: muti.sputnik-dao.near

Current Balance: 3,567.76 USD

Previous report: [REPORT] Monthly report muti March

Projects to be funded:

Total: 5000 USD

Anything else the Creatives DAO Council should know?

We’ve changed our council structure a bit in terms of tasks and reward distribution.

We will request funds from the Marketing DAO for April again. Also, we do have a website and are looking forward to the web3 integration with Harminc Guild :-p

POLL on Astro https://app.astrodao.com/dao/creatives.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/creatives.sputnik-dao.near-277


Hello Muti! This proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, so it is approved by the Community Moderators. Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao , so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts. Also, Feel free to join our Discord Server to Post Your Monthly Reports and Funding Proposals for Better Organization.