[UPDATE] Meta Pool DAO - community initiatives pitch event - 12:00 UTC

Good day NEAR community. As @lolarocker posted last week, we are launching V.0.1 of the Meta Pool DAO by allocating all protocol fees to support initiatives from the NEAR ecosystem; as a first step we will be supporting Meta Pool community members and then slowly open it up to the whole NEARverse.

For more detailed information, please visit the Meta Pool blog post on the launch of the DAO.

Get to know the Meta Pool ambassadors
In a few hours there will be a live pitch event in the Meta Pool telegram group.

  • When: 12:00 UTC
  • Where: Meta Pool telegram group.
  • Why: Listen to the initiatives from the Meta Pool community members that want to get funded by the Meta Pool DAO.

Distribution of protocol fees
As we announced last week, the DAO is allocating all protocol fees to buy the Meta Pool governance token, so it can distribute them to participants that vote for ambassador proposals in the DAO.

This is a first for any DAO operating in the ecosystem and we are looking forward to pioneer DAO governance in NEAR Protocol.

First step towards decentralization
We are doing our first step that will allow Meta Pool to operate in a decentralized manner, for now this step involved that all value creation is being distributed to contributors in the voting and community members that are helping Meta Pool protocol grow.

Please give us your feedback and we hope to see you in today´s event :smiley:

Keep on staking!


This is awesome 1st step for the Meta Pool DAO, love it and Keep going


Great initiative from Meta Pool
Good way to go after achieving decentralization :+1:


Listening to the first initiatives right now! let’s vote and go for more!


great. That is aws
:muscle: :muscle:

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