[Meta Pool] Results from DAO's Voting Round #1 👑


  • +11 million votes were given to 3 initiatives for this first round.
  • Initiatives not funded will have a second round to participate, locking the currently achieved $META.
  • 2 winning initiatives will be funded. The rest of the funds will be used in upcoming rounds.
  • The next round starts on July 10th, 2023. The call for initiative proposals is open.

We are glad to announce the end of the first voting round from the Meta Pool’s DAO. As mentioned previously, we are now redistributing all the fees generated by Meta Pool to the governance of the protocol.

This first voting round allocated more than 11 million votes to 3 initiatives from Asia, Europe, and Latin America. The first two will be funded, and the third one will have a second chance to participate and earn the remaining funding required to make its initiative a reality.

The winners of this round are:

  • Proposal for Attending Coinfest Asia 2023 | 6.55 M votes :crown:
  • Connemara Steaking Party BBQ | 3.19 M votes :crown:

Latam initiatives will lock its earned $META of this round for the coming round.

V0.1 of governance advances forwards with the community

Months of discussion have revolved around this first version of governance, and the success of this initial round indicates the positive reception from the community. We are opening the discussion, and the governance channel is now available on our Discord’s server.

Any questions or suggestions related to governance can be discussed on Discord. We are seeking new and improved mechanisms to ensure the Meta Pool’s DAO and governance run smoothly. This includes previous conversations, proposal creation, and voting rounds. We are open to hearing from you!

A snapshot for voters’ rewards has been taken. Vote-to-earn is now live.

All the voters who participated in the current month by voting for a validator or initiative proposal will receive governance rewards from the Vote-to-earn mechanism. The claim mechanism will be announced next week.

Next round starts on July’s 10th, 2023. Open call for initiative proposals.

The next round starts on July 10th, 2023. Open call for initiative proposals.

If you are a community leader sharing Meta Pool’s vision for DeFi, create your own proposal for the upcoming Voting Round #2 of Meta Pool’s DAO. To participate, simply create a draft and request to be whitelisted for publishing. You can send your proposal to my DMs on Telegram: @alan_network.

¡Keep staking!