Meta Pool’s DAO 👑 | The second Voting Round is live

8 proposals are available to be voted on during July, 2023.

On July, 10th, the Voting Round #2 went live, allowing communities to request funding from Meta Pool’s DAO. Read More here. Here you can find the full list of proposals:

Meta Pool Workshop & Staking Contest in Ho Chi Minh City | hoangthien1109.near - Asia

Organize a Meta Pool Workshop & Staking Contest in Ho Chi Minh City to increase TVL and brand awareness, educate participants about Defi and Liquid Staking, and engage them in a hands-on experience with the opportunity to win prizes.

Women in the Crypto Space: Bridging the Knowledge Gap in Near, Aurora, and Metapool | Crypto Epic Queen - Latin America

This proposal aims to address the gender gap by creating a comprehensive educational program that focuses on Near, Aurora, and Meta Pool ecosystems. By providing women with the necessary knowledge and skills, we can empower them to actively participate in and contribute to the crypto space.

Science at the bar: DeFi Education w/ Meta Pool | Open Web Academy - Latin America

DeFi education: meetup for new users of NEAR and the Meta Pool ecosystem in non-crypto environments.

Educational Online Program and IRL meetup in Mexico City | CryptoMx - Latin America

Exploring Near Protocol and the Meta Pool Ecosystem educational online program and IRL community meetup in Mexico City.

Brand Awareness and Education initiative for African Region| ezrakewa.near - Africa

One-day seminar educating attendees on crypto/web3/DeFi and on Meta Pool and voting governance system.

Educacion de blockchain, criptomonedas y DeFi con Meta Pool | anmatig.near - Latin America

Educacion y aumento de la adopcion de criptomonedas NEAR, AURORA y Ethereum con liquid staking en Meta Pool. (This is a second chance of voting for this initiative.)

Additional $marmaj <> $stNEAR Farm Rewards | Marma J Foundation - Caribean

$400 (50% $META, 50% $stNEAR) added to the August farm rewards + $419 for research into Meta Pool assets and governance.

Meta Pool attending the Philippine Blockchain Week:BRKOUT! | rodrunner.near - Asia

The initiative aims to send Rod Albores, brand ambassador of Meta Pool in the Philippines, as an attendee to the Philippine Blockchain Week: BRKOUT event from September 18 to 21, 2023.

¡Good luck to all participants!

Vote-to-earn is active, June voters will soon be able to claim their rewards.

Since round one, ALL THE VOTERS RECEIVE rewards, 23% APY* calculated on June 1st. This rewards that comes from the 50% of fees generated by Meta Pool will be available for coming voting rounds.

Join the first community-driven protocol on NEAR and start earning. ¡Vote now!


Well done to all

Great to see 8 initiatives…up from 3 last month.

The politics of securing votes that fund your initiative begins. Be creative!

Best of luck to all participants



Would you also be able to clarify;

  • How can community members submit proposals for upcoming rounds?
  • That voting for Validators also counts and people that have been delegating their META Vote Power to dleegators will also be claiming their share of rewards once that is enabled?


  1. Please reach out in our community Discord or Telegram.
  2. Yes, allocating voting power to either Community Proposals or Validator/Chunk producers will enable DAO Governance rewards.

So make sure you reach out with any questions and let us know how you can contribute to the growth of the Meta Pool liquid staking protocol.

Keep on staking!


If anyone would like to support marmaj-dao and the NEAR Research Collective, please feel free to vote for our joint community initiative:

$400 (50% $META, 50% $stNEAR) added to the August farm rewards + $419 for research into Meta Pool assets and governance.

It has been a great experience so far engaging with the Meta Pool ecosystem, very glad to be supported to continue doing more.