[Announcement] Meta Pool DAO: FUNDING for communities is NOW AVAILABLE

TL; DR;:

  • We are distributing ALL OF THE FEES from Meta Pool to the DAO: 50% will be to $META voters who participate in voting rounds and 50% will go to fund for voting rounds; Communities will be able to present their own initiatives
  • Meta Pool DAO advances forwards, first round of voting for funding communities goes live in June 2023.
  • Soon, more communities will be able to present initiatives to be funded from Meta Pool DAO.


At Meta Pool, we are giving all of the fees we get from staking to our community. This is our way to tell them: Thank you for being part of this project, we want to grow and we know that the best ideas on how to do it will come from you, our community.

The initiatives are essentially ideas presented by representatives from communities, aiming to educate on DeFi, onboard new users, or increase TVL. Initiatives that will help Meta Pool to be sustainable in the long term. The main point is to make real Meta Pool’s vision of becoming a community driven and governed protocol through a DAO.

The initiatives originate from individuals who possess an in-depth understanding of their regions and the most effective approach to engage with prospective users. Our objective is to harness the expertise of those who are intimately familiar with their regions or communities, and transform untapped potential into reality.

I’m not going to talk about the mechanics of this, you can find that information in Meta Pool’s blog, what I want to share here is what motivated us to do it.

Meta Pool boasts a global user base, creating a diverse community that thrives around the clock and spans multiple languages. Through this journey, we’ve discovered that the most effective way to expand our reach and connect with people in different regions is by collaborating with those who reside there. These individuals possess invaluable insights into the local culture, language, and the curiosity of individuals exploring the blockchain and DeFi world. That’s why we want to empower them, give them the resources they need to take us further.

In addition, by giving rewards to those who participate in the voting and delivering all the funds in META tokens, we seek not to leave aside those who are today META token holders.


Today marked the debut of our inaugural governance mechanism, featuring active participation from community representatives who closely align with our protocol – our esteemed ambassadors. This deliberate decision was made to prioritize those who currently champion our cause within their respective regions.

Nonetheless, our ultimate aim is to broaden the scope of participation in the subsequent round, encompassing NEAR Hubs and partner organizations. This expansion will ensure a more comprehensive and inclusive approach to governance.

What are our expectations upon sharing this information in this forum? We anticipate enthusiastic participation, valuable insights, and constructive feedback from the community. We encourage individuals to join us, actively engage in discussions, and generously share their perspectives on how we can enhance this mechanism. Your input is vital to our ongoing efforts to refine and improve. Together, we can drive meaningful advancements in our governance model.

Thanks for your attention and candid feedback.


Thanks for the support given to Meta Pool! This is a big step on creating a new stage for the first DAO on NEAR that is empowering their holders.

LFG! :metal:


I’m so excited about this significant milestone for Meta Pool Team!

The community at the forefront has always been the Meta Pool team’s primary objective :muscle:

We are now on the verge of witnessing the birth of the first-ever DAO on the NEAR Protocol. The active involvement of the community is absolutely vital!

Congrats! :tada:


This is awesome updates from Meta Pool, we can see that the DAO is started, and community is the main purpose for every DAOs company.

I am so excited being the Meta Poolers, Congratulations​:+1:


This is a big step towards mass onboarding and we hope for good success.

The question I have is; is the team expecting new communities to run this initiative or existing communities on NEAR can carry out this?



This is important that you can know as an alternative source of funding: @rc-admins @creativesdao-council @marketingdao-council

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I hope you can participate and vote :smiley:

Was a great First Round.
Learning how to build a strong DAO

:exclamation::exclamation:amazing all the steps that Meta Pool has taken this year.
Migrating traditional processes to a DAO in a theoretical and practical way is complex, congratulations to everyone involved for their hard work.
Expect to see proposals from LATAM soon, and continue decentralizing together! :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

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Incredible surprise! Let’s continue to support the community to make this project grow! :ok_hand:

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It’s a increible advance to how a DAO governance need be :heart_hands:

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A big step forward for the support of community development :fire:

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Sounds great, i think it’s a good opportunity to join and participate in the new decisions :star_struck: .

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Excellent work by Meta Pool in supporting and financing community initiatives :fire:

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Here’s the Meta Pool Blog
And other Socials

We’ve been hearing Goodnews from Near lately as we drive making the Ecosystem more decentralized this is a huge step for Meta Pool to give chance to the community to participate in decisions making and voting rights.

With $Meta Token you can participate in voting for initiatives you like and would be great the community play a vital role in building Meta Pool regionally and globally.

There’s currently NFT gifts for first 50 people to vote on initiative on metapool.app

Most might be wondering “How can we get Meta Token” as $Meta is the Governance token for Meta Pool you can get $Meta on Ref.finance also on Mexc with the ticker ($Metap)
But to be honest with you the fun way to get Meta token is to participate on Fun Friday Fun Friday is an event that takes place every Friday for the Meta Pool community to participate on games, Quiz, Riddles and other fun activities to earn incentives in Meta Token ($Meta)

HOW TO VOTE :ballot_box:
The graphic below :point_down: would guide you on how to vote

Do well with this information, as I assure, you wouldn’t loose appetite on what Meta Pool is cooking :hot_face:


Congratulations on the launch of the DAO !! It’s great to see collaboration between the community and the protocol to create a sustainable governance model !!!

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Fully Support MetaPool
They are doing incredible job on NEAR Ecosystem


French Community will be happy to be involved.