[UPDATE][Introduction] Near Canada Guild



  • Timon Wong: Financial Analyst, Public Sector, Trisolaris Moderator, Crypto enthusiast
  • Aleida Castillo: Languages Teacher, Translator (English - French - Spanish), Forex trader
  • Roman Kunin: Senior Software Operations Manager, Crypto Analyst
  • Elias Amal: Senior Software Developer, Digital Artist

Email: nearprotocolcanada@gmail.com
Twitter: @nearcanada
Instagram: @nearprotocolcanada
Facebook: Redirecting...
Website: www.nearcan.io (TBA)
Medium: TBA
Discord: Discord
Telegram: Telegram: Join Group Chat
DAO: near-canada.sputnik-dao.near
Near Wallet: nearca.near, nearcanada.near

Mission Statement
To empower Canadians with the knowledge of Web 3.0 and NEAR technology.

About NEAR Canada
The first Canadian network of the NEAR community. We want to onboard individuals from all 13 provinces and territories through education, support, and collaboration. We also aim to be the aggregated data hub for anything NEAR.

“Canada is home to the world’s largest tech hubs, growing and attracting innovative talent from across the globe. Our diverse, highly educated and growing tech talent pool continuously attracts investments from global businesses, including the world’s ten largest technology companies.” - Invest Canada.

With such a technologically advanced country, it may surprise most that Crypto is relatively quiet here. It is estimated that only 11% of Canadians own cryptocurrency - Statista. The amount of people interacting with cryptocurrency projects is probably a lot less. We would like to change that.

We will proactively seek out developers, creators, artists and investors interested in joining the Web 3.0 movement. The Web 3 idea is still in its infancy, and most people are not aware of what it might be or how it can benefit them. Our first step is to educate why decentralization, digital ownership, permissionless protocols, open data, and financial freedom are important. Our end goal is to have users familiar with these concepts for when Web 3.0 is embedded in our everyday lives.

Vision in 2022

Education & Support:
We will be focusing on core concepts and the basics of blockchain and Web 3.0 during the first couple of months. This will be reflected in our socials so that we have a strong foundation for our guild. Some talking points will include:

  • What is Web 3.0 and its benefits?
  • What are Blockchain and Cryptocurrency?
  • What are the different types of Cryptocurrency?
  • How do I get started?
  • How can I apply my expertise to Web 3.0?


  • 1 Medium blog/week
  • 1 original infographic (on social) / week
  • 7 tweets to promote NEAR community/week
  • Reach out to communities for education sessions and onboarding support (ie. artists, developers) - schools or online forums
  • Learning & Development and/or Lunch & Learn sessions within the government

As a starting guild, this is where our main focus will be to maximize our reach to all Canadians. Goals:

  • Launch our website
  • Setup all socials
  • Market to online Canadian communities (ie. forums, subreddits)

Data & Development:
Data will be our core to bring value to Near protocol and the entire community. We will be introducing metrics from basic to complex on our website.

Recently, NFT google searches surpassed Crypto related searches. NFT may be a big driver in onboarding new users. Launching our own will be an amazing and fun way for Near Canada to differentiate itself.


  • Launch DAO
  • Launch Canadian themed NFT through a NEAR NFT launchpad (free giveaway)
  • Basic, advance and complex metrics/stats/data


  • Onboarding new members
  • Guide the community through the ecosystem.
  • Promotes education supported by the different educational media already active in the community: LearnNear Club, Near Academy, Near University, Near Wiki, White paper, etc.
  • Invite members to contribute and generate value to the guild and the ecosystem.
  • Establish a translator team (English - French)
  • Regular calls, meets, AMA…
  • monthly reports


Month 1:
First meeting - Ideas
Soc networks, wallet opening, etc
Roles definitions and team recruitment
Introducing basic metrics

Month 2:
Advertising campaign
Start Canadian themed NFT project

Month 3:
Initiate education sessions in a government body and/or schools
Introducing advanced metrics

Completed most socials and our council. We also started introducing much-needed basic data, which received an enormous reception from the community. Leveraging the popularity of the current NFT setting, we brought data to everyone. Our Twitter was at 20 following just 3 days ago. We started providing data on Feb 1, and here is where we are at:

Example of data: 2/3/2022

To come soon: Weekly and monthly charts. Working with Paras team on other metrics.

We have achieved a great deal of progress in a short amount of time. Our daily NFT data has been received extremely well from the community (NEAR and other Chains), NFT projects, NEAR guilds and external vendors. Many wanted to collaborate.

We have a talented team with many ideas and will be moving very fast in the space!



Great NFT statistics


Thank you!

That was just in a couple of days part time, we are planning big things in the background! Imagine what we can achieve when fully operational!


Beautiful logo, and awesome to see the NEAR Community presence grow in the Great White North :canada:

Have you spoken with our Guilds team yet? @shreyas & @Jessica ?


Hi David,

Thank you for the warm welcome! @jessica and I had a great chat yesterday!


@Dacha @David_NEAR, Thank you very much for your feedback. We are very exited with this and we are sure it will grow as big as Canada is. We are sure this Great White North has talented people ready to bring value to this Wonderful Universe called NEAR.

Btw, the logo was courtesy from a talented Venezuelan designer @yehosua.near thank you Yeho!

Building Guilds relationships, we should also thank @Jloc for his time to guide us.

We are ready to make things happen.


Welcome friends from the North
We are from The Clan Guild and Brazil Guild

Our councils



Great intro and roadmap! Welcome!


Welcome to the community - NEAR Canada!

I just joined the telegram community and when I tried to join the discord server, it said that the invite link has expired. @eviejugo, please update the link in OP and set it not to expire. Thank you!


Great to see this is moving along guys. Remember, I’m just a click away if you need anything related to the guild development, projects, collaborations, etc.

Keep up the great work!


Thank you to everyone that commented. Working hard behind the scenes still!

Hi Near Community,

Just a quick update after 1 month. It has been really busy and working on many things behind the scenes!

As the Near ecosystem is maturing, we are always thinking of creative ways to bring value to the community. I have been working closely with many NFT related projects to address the users in NEAR and outside of NEAR.

Here are some examples:

Many NFT launchpads are coming, and to have an aggregated place (myself) is very valuable.

  • NFT collectors want to know what kind of utility these projects bring to themselves and can know where their future project comes from
  • New creators onboarding NEAR can find where they want to launch their project (I have had many creators onboarding NEAR for the first time DM me regarding it)!

Many marketplaces are coming online too!

  • Users can find out which marketplace they want to participate on via the details provided.
  • Creators can plan where they want their project to sell on

The 2 pictures prior were for NEW projects. A more mature project such as TenkBay required a whole placemat!

  • I had many people talk to me about this piece. TenkBay is considered the most reputable NFT launchpad as they are the first one in the space and launching many projects.
  • It is considered as an education of NEAR NFT history with many detail on what’s to come!

I used to provide daily floor pricing data, but that isn’t as necessary anymore as there are tools for that now. We pivoted to other data that followers love to see, here is our latest Twitter stats:

We also started a Twitter space series for launchpads and marketplaces: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1lPJqmRkYQnJb?s=20
It won’t stop there as we got great feedback from it!

A big goal for us is to be “one with the community!”
We are working on our regional education goals, but when we start that, we want to seamlessly provide them with the proper tools and connections in the community.

Some things we are working on in the short term:

  • Start our Instagram socials
  • Website
  • Education material before starting to organize learning lessons for potential onboarding
  • Start metrics outside of NFTs

Thank you all!


Great job. Thank You :blush:


Super glad to see that things are all falling in place with NEAR Canada. This data being collected would go a long way to help members of the community (not just NEAR Canada) make informed decisions. Don’t take your foot off the gas, yet!

I would be in touch :slightly_smiling_face:. Interesting stuff

please love me chris pratt GIF by mtv


Thank you Simeon for your guidance. Excited to chat!

@David_NEAR we recently got a +2000 sqft office in Downtown Vancouver Canada that we are turning into a Web3 hub - to host meetups, events, workshops, and hackathons.

Who should I talk about for hosting these? And what support or funding is available?


You should reach out to the NEAR Foundation Grants team or the NEAR University grants programme.

You can apply here

neat! thank you for the update