[UPDATE] Near Canada Marketing - Social Media

Hi Near Community,

We apologize to the Near Foundation and community for not giving regular updates. We will do better in the future!

Guild Name: Near Canada
Funding scheme: Monthly
Council: nearcanada.near, alecaseg.near, ninjacat.near, melange.near

Last post: [Approved] February Near Canada Marketing - Social Media

Since the last update, we have been doing some exciting stuff, such as promoting projects and providing valuable data.

  1. We have appeared twice on the Ready Layer One Podcast E10 + E15: https://readylayeronepodcast.com/page

One was to talk about the state of Near NFT and another was to help promote another project alongside the podcast itself.

  1. We have hosted couple of Twitter Spaces to introduce/promote projects within the community.


  1. We continued to provide data, latest infographics:

  2. The community that I was forming within the Canadian government grew to 20 members and we have a group chat within internal channels. We also had 1 video session.

Our socials were still growing during this time, with about +150 followers on Twitter (our main social). Other channels are still closed.

Unfortunately, around the time of APR, I had some issues with my personal life and had to slow down.

I came back with what I think is amazing I have always envisioned growing Near Canada, and its data help. The idea won’t be restricted to Near Canada, the data can be used by the entire Near community, including regional guilds, without gated features.

Here is the idea: [PROPOSAL] EVIE NFT Marketplace Aggregator & Education Hub

Benefits to Near Canada, other regional hubs and Near community:

  • Educational data on (eventually) ALL Near NFT projects. Think of an encyclopedia for Near NFTS
  • Near NFT statistics, ranging from basic to advance.
  • Data that can help future NFT projects grow, such as what kind of images or attributes users like (more information later)

Near Canada was always aiming to become a data hub, and NFT is a great starting point. Many view NFT as a great gateway to attract the general population to Near or web 3 in general.

I am currently working hard to build this platform, and have currently (unfortunately) paused the main operation of Near Canada of educating and onboarding users. I am currently still working on building a bigger community within the Canadian government, though. I do believe this is worth it to bring to Dapp online. It will bring many benefits! I am currently looking for a fellow Canadian to help me lead Near Canada to continue these operations!


@eviejugo we’re based in Vancouver Canada and want to host NEAR meetups. How to collab together?


Hey! Come join our discord and we can chat

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