[Approved] February Near Canada Marketing - Social Media

Hi Near Community,
Near Canada had a very successful launch with the support of this great community! On top of being a traditional geographical guild to educate, onboard and support Canadians…we strive to be a place for Near-related data. Our more subtle goal is to be “one with the community.”

Thank you @FritzWorm for guiding me on this proposal.

Introduction: [UPDATE][Introduction] Near Canada Guild

Guild Name: Near Canada
Funding scheme: Monthly
Council: nearcanada.near, alecaseg.near, ninjacat.near, melange.near

We want to provide unique data that is both educational and fun. Our data provide Users with the tools to interact with projects efficiently. It also importantly provide Builders with the tools to build on Near efficiently.

We initially started with NFT data, since there was a huge demand for it with little available data.

Other NFT related metrics:

It would look like this, and it gives users useful analytical data that was derived from raw data that was hard to access in 1 spot. This also gave builders data on patterns and daily trends. In a fast-moving environment, that is very important. The daily tool was so useful, a project built a tool that covers this data, Near Tracker, and was received a grant from Near Foundation for it! Although there is currently a tool for it, I will still provide analytics weekly and monthly.

We started forming deep relationships within the community and NEAR projects themselves, in order to provide data that is unique and extremely useful.

Many launchpads and marketplaces are launching, and it is hard to keep track from a user and builder perspective. I am aggregating all that information on these posts and updating as it goes. The information is very useful for:
Users - They can keep track of where their favourite projects are launched and selling while knowing how it might affect them
Builders - They can choose which projects can suit them the best

I am also creating placemats for more mature products like TenkBay. The results would be similar to the above, but with greater information for general knowledge (at least for this one article).


  • This type of unique data marketing gave us a deep relationship with the community and projects
  • Many Near projects builders reached out to us for guidance
  • Many non-near users appreciated the data for when they onboarded
  • Although we have been offered many opportunities to do giveaways or other like contests, we did refuse. We do not want to be a shill account, we want everybody to trust us by remaining unbiased (although still being enthusiastic about the space)
  • Projects have even come for some consulting

The projects trust what we do and who we are…Near Canada will be hosting Twitter Spaces with most, if not all, launchpads/marketplaces to promote their grand start!

  1. https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1lPJqmRkYQnJb?s=20

Next one on March 12, 10PM UTC
2. https://twitter.com/FewandFarNFT/status/1501708227205124096

With others lined up to schedule one. We are also lined up to appear on a podcast!

Here are our metrics after everything (1month since start):

100% organic and no contests/giveaways!

We started this way, instead of education/onboarding first is to establish our Near Canada name to the community first. Many Canadians have reached out to me already! With developing tools and relationships, we can seamlessly onboard new users when we do start!

Goals for the upcoming month:

  • Already started a Web3.0 group in government provincial workplace (67k employees), will soon start lunch & learn sessions
  • Reach out to technical schools, art first, to start educational sessions
  • Start other topics of data/marketing, DeFi in Near next
  • Start Instagram socials
  • Many more AMAs

I am currently holding off fully launching our discord and telegram. I want to build a bigger following first! Aiming for an accelerated growth with a dedicated community when starting.

A little about Canada (pop. 38M)
Canada has a strong global presence on the world stage, but a relatively weak Crypto/Web3.0 Identity/culture. It is estimated that only 11% of Canadians own cryptocurrency (• Cryptocurrency adoption by country 2019-2021 | Statista). The amount of people interacting with cryptocurrency projects is probably a lot less. We would like to change that. In 2018, Quadgricx was by far the biggest Crypto exchange in Canada, and it turned out to be fraudulent (Collapse of Quadriga crypto exchange was ‘old-fashioned fraud wrapped in modern technology’: OSC | Globalnews.ca). I believe this left a sour taste for Crypto in Canada, as many have lost money and trust during this incident. Canada also has relatively strict laws compared to others (Binance and FTX cannot operate in the province of Ontario). The exchanges in Canada would also be considered very small, and most would just use an international alternative with bigger brand recognition.

Near Canada wants to change all this. We want to be the Web3.0 leaders in Canada. Some of our big picture goals:

  • educate governments on Web3.0
  • educate private companies on Web3.0
  • educate current exchanges on Near Protocol

I would love to hear any suggestions, especially as a newer guild. I have talked to many members already, and have learned a lot!

Funding Request - $2500 - 236 NEAR
Costs: Research, Design, Socials/Marketing
Wallet ID - nearcanada.near

Near Canada




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Good evening. Happy to support your proposal.


Good evening @Dacha, very happy to hear! Appreciate it!


Great initiative.
You’ve got my support.


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Good evening! Your proposal was Approved on the forum.
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Thank you so much @marketingdao-council and the entire NEAR community!

I have created the proposal on astroDAO.

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Excellent tracking thus far. Great proposal.




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Thank you, really appreciate it!

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Dear @eviejugo looking forward to seeing report. Thank You

Hi @Dacha I really appreciate the message.

I am currently working on a big project right now on NEAR (already funded). Regular operations at Near Canada is currently paused. I would love to show you what I am working on it if you ever have 10 minutes.

TG: @eviejugo
Discord: eviejugo#8775


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It would be great to see the report anyway. Thank you :blush:

I believe your great teammate @FritzWorm can help with it.
The report is an essential part of transparency toward the Near community. Thanks.


Hi Dacha,

Sorry for the delay, here is my update: [UPDATE] Near Canada Marketing - Social Media

If I am missing anything, please let me know!

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Good evening, thanks for sharing the report.

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