[Approved] EVIE NFT Marketplace Aggregator & Education Hub

Hi Near Community,

I am @eviejugo, and this is my proposal.

TLDR: Near Canada to hire developers to build the EVIE NFT Marketplace Aggregator & Hub

Introduction to Near Canada: [UPDATE][Introduction] Near Canada Guild

February Update: https://gov.near.org/t/approved-february-near-canada-marketing-social-media/16549

The problem we want to solve: Near has a few NFT marketplaces currently, and many coming:

  1. Paras
  2. Mintbase
  3. Chronicle
  4. Zone Art
  5. Few and Far
  6. Venix
  7. Higgs Field
  8. Astro Market
  9. Acova

This amount of marketplaces will cause:

  • Poor user experience on NEAR
  • Time-consuming to find an appropriate marketplace for the user
  • Time-consuming to find an NFT the user likes
  • Time-consuming to sell an NFT across multiple marketplaces for full exposure

How EVIE NFT Marketplace & Hub fixes this:
By aggregating all the marketplaces, users only need to visit 1 place to find all their needs! Marketplaces still get their fees, so it is a win-win for everyone. The project fits NEAR ethos due to its focus on UI/UX. NFTs are flourishing on all different chains right now, and with Near is growing quickly, we would like to get ahead and prevent a potentially difficult user experience!

Here is a concept of EVIE with explanations of what each page does:






Near Canada has an ambitious plan to be a data hub on NEAR, this will be the first major milestone. Everything researched already will be added here, and everything in the future too. On top of an aggregator, this will be an NFT data hub. Users can:

  1. Stats on overall NEAR NFT conditions (by aggregating marketplace data)
  2. Learn about their favourite NFT project or anything related to NFT
  3. Learn upcoming projects and set reminders.


Month 1

  • Route buy order to Paras for 1 collection
  • Route sell order to Paras for 1 collection
  • UI/UX for buy/sell pages
  • Collect education data

Month 2

  • Route buy orders to 2 marketplaces for 2 collection
  • Route sell orders to 2 marketplaces for 2 collection
  • Complete UI/UX for site
  • Have 10+ collections on the education page
  • Testnet

Month 3

  • Testnet testing
  • Continue collection for education pages
  • Marketing Campaign

Project funding Request - x USD

100% of the funds will be used to pay developers referred by @FritzWorm , I will not be taking any for myself.

I am hoping the funds can last until the 3 month road to testnet + testing.

Future high-level plans:

  • Add all marketplaces
  • Slowly add (verified) collections
  • Connect to all exchanges for API stats
  • Expand the Education section
  • Site translated for worldwide use (English, Spanish & French first) by @Alecaseg

I would love to hear any feedback!


Great! =)

Grant requests are handled by the grants website: NEAR Foundation Grants
More specifically, this is where you can request for a grant: NEAR Foundation Application Manager - NEAR Startup Grants



This looks nice, keep up the hard work :slight_smile:


Very nice and complete description and road map


The very first project for Near Canada involving people from different communities! Ideas, collaboration, genius, partnership, intellect, creativity a really TEAM…this is AWESOME!!!

J’ai hate de voir ça!!!



excellent! someone always has to bell the cat ! :wink:


Great team, keep going guys!!!


Felicitaciones y mucho éxito, :rocket:


Looks like a great idea. Would love to have UniqArt onboard this :slight_smile:


I will reach out to you!