Transparency Commissions Candidate

Dear NEAR Community.

I am Aescobar have nominated myself for the Transparency Commission in the NDC V1 Election.
In this post I would like to clarify that as I am part of the JUMP Defi Community Management Lead, I have to send the weekly rewards in $JUMP Token as part of our community activity.

There are 2 account that I usually used to send rewards to the community

  1. escobarindo.near
  2. jump_ga.near

But to be clear that there is nothing to do with my nomination and all the team members who nominated themself for the NDC v1 election.
My post here is to make sure that there is no misconception from the community between my election and my activity to reward the community from JUMP Defi activity.

For the sake of transparency
Feel free to join our discord and you may track the activity that’s happening.