Aescobar's Conflict of Interest disclosure statement

Transparency is one of the core values that has been emphasized since day 1 at NDC. I’m not sure where it’s going to end up, but it’s better to disclose any potential Conflict of Interest to the NEAR Community.

Disclosure has been submitted to Transparency Commission since the form being shared, but I think it’s good for me to disclose this to NEAR Community.

My role in NDC and Grassroots DAO:

  • Degen DAO contributors (since I was a mod of NDC)
  • NFT DAO core contributors ( since July 2023 )
  • Transparency Commission houses member ( since the v1 election end )

My role in NEAR Protocol Projects/ Product:

  • BD and marketing for web2 business of ElCafeCartel ( since March 2023)
  • Head of Community of NEKO and JUMP DEFI ( since February 2023
  • Community and Brand strategic for Paras and all the entity under Paras ( since February 2023)
  • Community manager of Play Ember ( since September 2023)
  • Community Manager and Partnership for Meteor Wallet and all entities under Meteor
  • Non Active Core team members of (RocketBois since August 2022)
  • Mod of Cheddar ( since May 2022)

I have always make sure that I never contribute myself on any action that shows conflict, either approving proposal / any decision making that benefit my self financially.


I would like to improve the Conflict of Interest disclosure as a member of Transparency Commission!

Since today, I am part of NEAR WEEK as a content contributor and no longer working as a mod for Cheddar.

15th March 2024


I want to thank you for supporting the ecosystem and Cheddar through its very early days. We will continue and will open a Mod and Developer position soon.


We keep in touch, lot of new fresh talent in the market.

All the best for Cheddar :heart:

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