Tools missing in the ecosystem

  1. ‘Lock’ feature like in Metamask requiring password to view web wallet
  2. Logout button to clear web wallet from cache

Web3modal / Onboard.js

Once we have our Wallet SDK we need libraries providing a nice login experiences like for wallet such as WalletConnect, Torus, Fortmatic, Portis etc. For dapp developers this makes it very easy to integrate wallet support in no time.

Web3Modal (From Pedro / Walletconnect)

Onboard.jsl(From blocknative)


Notify / blockchain query notifications

I can really be a PITA to also spend time on thinking on all the edge-cases for notifications. This library does that very well and makes it possible to ship with working notifications in no time


On-ramp & Off-ramp services

Is really a blocker for many dapps to have any sort of interface with FIAT if there is no such ramping APIs available to integrate, below is a list of services worth getting on NEAR. Most of these have great white-label widgets available to setup via dashboards, so it takes really no time to be able to allow cash-in and cash-out to your dapp






need integration with

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Decentralised identity and storage solutions

3box identities

Very handy for dapps to integrate “profiles as a service” and let users verify their public key by hooking it up to their Github, Twitter accounts etc. storage solution

From the same guys, a nice way to have verifiable storage solution

IPFS storage solution

The other big project in this category of decentralised storage, certainly has some scaling issues

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Have you seen NEAR Explorer | Stats ?

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thanks,it’s great!
Looking forward to the visualization of the issuance, distribution, and locking/unlocking of NEAR tokens。

Tornado Cash


Protocol for private transactions on Ethereum. Tornado Cash improves transaction privacy by breaking the on-chain link between source and destination addresses. It uses a smart contract that accepts ETH deposits that can be withdrawn by a different address. To preserve privacy a relayer can be used to withdraw to an address with no ETH balance. Whenever ETH is withdrawn by the new address, there is no way to link the withdrawal to the deposit, ensuring complete privacy.




PoolTogether is a protocol for no-loss prize games on the Ethereum blockchain. The site makes it so one player wins all the yield earned on many people’s deposits in a pool (stakes to validator in case of NEAR), but everyone keeps their initial deposits. That’s why it is called “lossless.”



Chai ia an ERC20 token that lets you earn interest on Dai (NEAR) without requiring it to be locked in the Dai Savings Rate (Validator). It can be transferred freely and is always redeemable for an ever growing amount of Dai. When you convert your Dai to Chai, you receive a corresponding balance in the Chai contract. While your Chai balance remains constant, its corresponding Dai value grows with the Dai Savings Rate. You can think of it as Dai brewing in the Chai contract. At any point in time you can redeem your Dai along with additional interest, or continue to use the Chai token directly.

Thanks @loca555 , here are implementations in the works for two projects you mentioned:

You can read here about design: Deep dive into Private Transactions on NEAR
Implementation is here: GitHub - zeropoolnetwork/NEAR-pool

TestNet version: Pool Party by gagdiez · GitHub and lunafromthemoon · GitHub

Not sure if this is the right place to post. I wanted to share a link to something that is happening on the HIVE network.
There is already a NFT marketplace on HIVE called NFTSHOWROOM. I have tested it out and it is not as good as PARAS :heart_eyes:
But if you look at the link and swap the word HIVE for NEAR that would give you a good idea of what I am proposing.
My suggestion is to build tools for e-commerce and payment in NEAR. This could be integrated so artists and projects can sell physical versions of their nft cards. The idea of fulfilment warehouses is amazing!


Lack open ended Lombard loan application

Lack of incentives for stablecoin liquidity to flow over to be lent out for said Lombard loan facilities. Ecosystem remains poor as lack of collateral system forces people to sell to fiat or other crypto, over-collateralized debt based solutions the way to go especially for people that want an real inflation hedge whilst having fiat liquidity.

I think we can use OpenZeppelin in NEAR layer 2 EVM (Aurora). But yes we should have something similar in RUST so that we can create contracts without thinking too much about security.

Interactive RUST contract generator to bootstrap smart contracts like

A Where-Used/What-Used Explorer.

A special Explorer, where all (related) data can be visualised in one click, without any further explicit searching or other actions to get to the final result. Only further navigation is needed to get to the result. For a small subset of the blockchain, the personal wallet.
Here a very bad simulation, with no real data, only place-holders, but with some imagination, one can get the idea. More around this I have got posted here Indexer as a Service…

With more assets, collectables, NFT’s in the future, someone needs to have a tool to find them and there origine, history and more…
The only thing someone needs to remember is his account-id <name.near>.
All other data is just a few clicks away…

Simulation, from -3 <> +3, stay in between these limits to get the feeling and don’t scroll over -3 or +3:


Sorry, I can’t get the simulation/uploads correct here, it looks better here: simulation

Synthetic asset platform

Existing website: Mirror

Near is having a positive growth on NFT market and potentially will be in the same level as Solana soon, but in the meantime, there is also lack of usage/utilization of NEAR for decentralize finance product, and there is no major defi product built on Near right now (correct me if i am wrong).

By having a Synthetic asset platform, it will raise attention from users, especially Near Wallet is compatible with mobile phone. Crypto market is relatively low compared to derivatives market, and with a Synthetic asset platform, it might grow Near ecosystem as well.

I think we can do something like Mirror and Terra did where UST stablecoin has been used as collateral to mint synthetic asset. We can utilize UST as well (since its on NEAR) or other stablecoin on NEAR. But, by having a similar platform as Mirror and utilize UST might invite more users to come to NEAR since it has lower fees.

It will be great for us.

Submit your ideas on NEAR Hacks | Bounty so we can turn it into a funded bounty


you are ahead of your time