Monthly Report OWS [June 2022]

Below is the Open Web Sandbox progress report for June.

Highlights of the month

  • Find our June KPI report in OWS KPI Reports., tracking increasing Awareness, Onboarding, and Engagement.
  • Completion of new Business Plan for OWS 3.0.
  • Completion of Short-Term Marketing Plan for OWS 3.0.
  • Finalising grant proposal.
  • Allocation of responsibilities to OWS team members:
    • Anastasiia (CPO): Strategy, management and oversee of partnerships stream.
    • Valentina (CTO): Strategy, management and oversee of technology stream.
    • TBA (Marketing Manager): Strategy, management of marketing stream.
    • Valeryi (Business Strategist): Strategy and oversee of marketing stream.
    • Jacopo (CEO): Management and oversee of all streams.
  • Onboarding of five new projects under our new for-profit strategy.