[STRATEGY] Presenting the first strategy planning for our Lisbon City Node

Today we had the first official presentation meeting for the Lisbon City Node strategy and planning!

Also thanks to @chloe, for the help and guidance on this meeting also.

Starting to present the Objectives:

Roles and purpose of those roles were presented, with a few positions still open.

Work that Lisbon City Node did so far until now.

Our Strategy and planning to achieve the goal of the Lisbon City Node.

Types of Organisations that are our target as a City Node.

Proposal of types of activities and events to gather more people into the NEAR Ecosystem.

Logistics and Governance involving the remuneration and funding for different projects.

Here are also some links for our social media channels:

Facebook / Instagram / Discord / Twitter / Telegram

Any ideas that could help us get the mission of the Lisbon City Node better and bigger please send them over through this forum or our communication channels. :slight_smile:


Was a great first meeting. Looking forward to seeing this in a proposal format so that we can start getting these projects going :slight_smile:.