[APPROVED] Lisbon City Node - Structure & Guidelines & First budget

From meetings with the Council @frnvpr and @tabear we developed in the last weeks a draft & first budget for the Structure & Guidelines for Lisbon City Node. Here it follows:

Lisboa Node Structure :

Lisbon City Node will be managed and based in a DAO structure by the community, giving the possibility for funds to be managed via Bounties and accessible to everyone within the Community. For now the following positions apply:

  • Community Manager - Tiago Rosário (@TRosario / rosario.near)
    Engage with the community, point of contact with this City Node, attend meetings, deploy NEAR in the Lisbon Node and find better ways of communication for the Community.

Council :

Council roles will give guidance, approve projects and give advice in budgeting. The council will grow as the Node grows, giving more possibilities to the Lisbon Community to participate and be involved in the decision making questions.

  • 1st Phase - Fred @frnvpr , Tabea @tabear, Grace @grace and Tiago @TRosario (to be deployed in October)

  • 2nd Phase - Integration of City Node Community Members in the Council.

  • 3rd Phase - Complete governance from acknowledged Lisbon City Node Members. (Spunik-DAO V2 and Astro Deployment within the community.)

Funding Application Guide:

  • Funding to be done via Lisbon City Node Gov Forum via [PROPOSAL] and @norah.near will be dealing with the proposals.

Acceptance of Proposals

  • Proposals will be developed in each month with the Lisbon City Node collectives integration, wrote on the forum and reviewed by the Council and posted on the beginning of each month.

How much budget is available :

  • The budget amounts are to be delivered from @norah.near and @grace.

  • For now what we presented is the creation of work related Bounties for tasks in the Lisbon City Node. With a current amount of 5000$ for the taks, a better budgeting options post should be presented soon on the Forum.

  • Tasks:

    • Onboarding Collectives
    • Events Production
    • Social Media Management (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
    • Guide Creation
    • Meetings
    • Creating Bounties
    • Reporting
    • Design / Image

Budget Streamline and Report:

  • Beginning of each month the funding is requested for all the projects, tasks and ideas that were approved in the last weeks of the month before, its then posted on the forum, so the funding is received before the initiation of the proposals.

  • Reporting is done in the different stages of deployment presented in each proposal and in the end of each month of budget.


These are a few structure and guidelines that we have already deployed in the project and we think is the best to achieve the Lisbon City Node mission, but we want to keep it open for the community to build up and participate. It only makes sense in a growth perspective and decentralisation attitude using NEAR Ecosystem as a way to deploy it.

These Structure and Guidelines are to be presented in the future in a Design manner, translated to Portuguese and accessible in paper also for more easy to ready for the Portuguese people.

Any ideas, advices and acknowledgments please write them is this thread. :slight_smile:

In order to keep on the development, onboarding and distributing the mentioned tasks above, we request the amount of 5000$ / 619N (coingecko 2.10. 16:27)

target: lisboa-node.sputnik-dao.near


Thank you for this summary! :rocket: Looking forward to getting this started :slight_smile:


Awesome. From our end I feel things are clearer and ready to be implemented! :+1: