To support the goal of uniting everyone in the NFT ecosystem. We are starting the “NEAR NFT WEEKLY” news from our channels.

We are going to publish this weekly news on our social media handles every Monday starting from tomorrow [13/09/2021] onwards.

For this week we are covering the activities of the following NFT marketplaces and communities [DAO’s/Guilds]

  • Mintbase
  • Paras
  • Pluminite
  • DAO Records
  • NxM
  • MARMA J Foundation

In the upcoming weeks, we will be adding more NFT communities to our WEEKLY NEWS.
For connecting with us to get your community NEWS published from our channels please comment or connect with us on telegram: Telegram: Contact @nearnftclub

  • Suggestions also welcomed

Personally involved so skewed sense of interest:

FamJam (cryptocat wranglers collaborative profile pic project on mintbase)

CODAME (had auctions in t.me/theAGAH and is doing an IRL show of NEAR art sept 25)


@NearNft Great initiative! First week of October NEARWEEK will be launching a State of the ART subpage and newsletter focusing solely on Gaming and NFTs - we should get together and collaborate?

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Here’s the post link of our 1st NEAR NFT WEEKLY news report posted on Twitter.

That’s a great initiative.
Please connect us on telegram Telegram: Contact @nearnftclub and then we can coordinate.

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Hi NEARians!

We have also started to publish our NEAR NFT WEEKLY on getrevue.
Now, you all can get the updates on your mail id by subscribing to our channel. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s the link: https://www.getrevue.co/profile/NEARnft