[PROPOSAL TO HOM] AC-DAO: NDC V1 MAR Budget Application


AC-DAO officially joined NDC on November 29, 2023, as a community-led project in the ecosystem category. Our mission is to facilitate the transition to the Near Digital Collective (NDC) through decentralized governance. Positioned within the NEAR and Aurora ecosystems, AC-DAO strives to empower a transparent community. This budget proposal aligns with NDC’s goals for equitable power distribution and the adoption of decentralized technologies, outlining our commitment to these objectives.

Charter & Plans

Mini Grants Initiatives
Proposal Link Amount Requested
Talentum Growth Proposal Link $5,000.00
Gaming Retention And Growth Grant - PipeFlare Link $4,500.00
Orbit Sprint project Link $4,000.00
Space Invasion Game For Aurora Play Link $3,000.00
TOTAL $16,500.00
Marketing Initiatives

Funds for marketing will be allocated to the following activities:

Proposal Amount Requested
Social Media Management (SMM): Managing the presence of AC-DAO on various social media platforms to ensure consistent and strategic communication $500.00
AMA and Voice Sessions: Organizing Ask Me Anything, voice and “How It Works” live sessions on platforms like Twitter (X) and Telegram to interact directly with the community (5) $500.00
Aurora Play: Daily tournaments reactivation and server maintenance $300.00
Aurora Tip Bot: Project reactivation and social media maintenance $300.00
TOTAL $1,600.00
  • Social Media Management (SMM): Managing the presence of AC-DAO on various social media platforms to ensure consistent and strategic communication.
  • AMA and Voice Sessions: Organizing Ask Me Anything, voice and “How It Works” live sessions on platforms like Twitter (X) and Telegram to interact directly with the community.
  • Application Analysis: Conducting thorough reviews of applications to verify the presence and functionality of claimed features.
  • Testing of Supported Projects: Allocating resources to rigorously test the projects AC-DAO supports to ensure quality and reliability.
  • KPI Analysis: Assessing the Key Performance Indicators of supported projects to measure their impact and success accurately.
  • Media Support for Collaborative Initiatives: Creating and providing media support for initiatives arising from collaborations, ensuring maximum reach and engagement. At the moment there are strong partnerships with Trisolaris and their new initiative on the Zealy platform.

Aurora Stars Force (Ambassador Program)

The Aurora Stars Force (Ambassador Program) has been established with the aim of cultivating a dynamic on-chain-based Aurora Community with the following core objectives:

  1. Increasing transactions in the NEAR/Aurora Ecosystem
  2. Raising awareness about NEAR and Aurora and its technological impact
  3. Encouraging the adoption and integration of Aurora network
  4. Facilitating knowledge exchange within the NEAR/Aurora Community and fostering collaboration
  5. Nurturing professional development among Councils, Leaders, and Ambassadors
  6. Driving active participation in the Ecosystem’s development

At the moment, we have already drawn up the full tasks that the ambassadors will be working on, worked out the reward system and formed the necessary number of participants.

The Ambassador Program allocates a total budget of $14,000 and consists of three reward levels.

Level 1
Number of Ambassadors: 61 individuals
Reward: $100 each
Total Amount: $6,100

Level 2
Number of Ambassadors: 38 individuals
Reward: $175 each
Total Amount: $6,650

Level 3
Number of Ambassadors: 5 individuals
Reward: $250 each
Total Amount: $1,250

Aurora Stars Force has now officially launched and is actively recruiting people from the regional Aurora guilds and communities: Aurora Indonesia, Aurora Africa, Aurora Korea, Aurora India, Aurora Türkiye, Aurora Brazil.

Chat for Ambassadors - for general questions.

YoNota - for individual questions with Ambassador Team Lead.

Budget Breakdown
Description Amount
Strategic Advisor (NeuroAdvisor) $0.00
Ambassadors Team Lead (1) $3,500.00 + 1000 (For December)
Ambassadors Operation Team (3) $2,250.00
Marketing and Events Lead + Social Media (1) $2,500.00 + 1000 (For December)
Mini Grants Lead (1) $2,500.00 + 1000 (For December)
Aurora Stars Force (Ambassador Program) $14,000.00
Mini-Grants $16,500.00
Events and Marketing $1,600.00
TOTAL $45,850.00
Address: ahtest.near





Team Members 

AC-DAO and Consuls Reports

If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments below or directly to us on Telegram - Luchito, Techdir, YoNota.


Well put together proposal, is there also a report for previous month’s activities? Dev → Feb so far?

Can you share the list of ambassador and wallet related please

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Hi, it’s gonna take me a while to collect the wallet addresses from the ambassadors.
At this point, I could share a google table with a list of all the ambassadors

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Yes, we have the report

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I have serious concerns with this ambassador program and its potential influence on the NDC. We are basically facilitating individuals to create paid fanbases who can very easily influence both governance decisions and public opinion.

What safeguards are in place to ensure that this program will not be abused by some individuals? Are all these ambassador chats public?
Is the TC aware of this program?


Hello! I do believe your concerns are not worth it. We have over 50 leaders in the Ecosystem who are also part of NDC and build their own Communities (regionals (like Africa, Turkey, Vietnam, etc.), Influencers (Neko, Shitzu), NFT., etc. As an example: the last wave of the I am Human app registration was associated with the active work of the African community.


Thank you for your proposal. As one person who developed the DAO from scratch, I would like to suggest update the DAO approach, which was spoken at the DAO launch in 2023:

  • AC DAO should have a form (one point of entry, public form) for all Aurora Ecosystem developers and builders; promote in everywhere; have at least 10-20 leads monthly;

  • Proactively reach out to Aurora Eco founders; has a spreadsheet to track results https://dappradar.com/rankings/protocol/aurora

  • Work with Aurora Labs (in part of the Partners program pipeline: Grow your project on Aurora). Aurora Community DAO can support some projects after DD.

  • For ambassador program:

  1. I would like to see a dashboard to track on-chain/ off-chain data (recently, the Community used this portal https://auroradao.club)
  2. All tasks should be focused on Ecosystem development; the list of tasks should be visible to the ambassadors and Community;
  3. The number of tasks should be significantly increased.

It was an initial draft. I am suggesting to prepare similar:

Aurora Stars force program

  1. Levels

Level 1. Aurorian
Level 2. Believer
Level 3. Adept
Level 4. Aurora Guardian

Criteria to get the Level 1:

  1. Follow Aurora official socials
    Twitter https://twitter.com/auroraisnear
    Telegram Telegram: Contact @auroraisnear
    News channel https://t.me/auroraisnear_news
    Discord https://discord.gg/PEfxNssB
    YouTube https://www.youtube.com/c/auroraisnear
    Medium Aurora Platform - Medium
    LinkedIn https://linkedin.com/company/aurora-is-near
    CMC Follow The Crypto Message Board On Community
    Near.Social: auroraecosystemnews.near

  2. Follow Aurora Regional community’s socials according to your native language

  3. Have A+/A.Pass account

  4. Have passed at least one sprint on Zealy and/or 1 week on Galxe campaign (as a proof - write here your wallet that is connected to a quest platform)

  5. has performed at least __ number of transactions in Aurora network (add your wallet in Aurora network)

  6. Time of activeness - 2-3 weeks minimum

  7. Buy and Stake 500 Aurora (as a task on Zealy, show transaction)

  8. Tasks according to levels

Level 1. Aurorian = active members, participants of ecosystem events

Tasks that they can claim and make:

  • triangles to the name on Twitter / Telegram / Discord
  • profile picture with an Aurora logo on Twitter / Telegram
  • Aurora ambassador in profile description Twitter / Telegram
  • Attend Aurora ecosystem AMA sessions
  • posts related to Aurora Ecosystem news (Twitter/Discord/TG/near.social)
  • pass daily tasks on Zealy with games and swaps (minimum number a day = min number of transactions a day that Aurorian has to perform )
  • 5 posts on near.social about Aurora
  • add the Aurora token on Coingeco or Coinmarketcap to your portfolio

Level 2. Believer
СMs (Community and Content managers) - create content that enforces to make trx (i.e. tutorials, small engagement contests, etc) and test ecosystem dapps


  • Content/guides/ about ecosystem projects
  1. Articles / Video (at least 3 per month)
  • articles (minimum number of characters per article - 1000)
  • video ( length from 5 minutes)
  1. Infographics / reviews / thread (at least 5 per month)
  • infographics
  • short video for YouTube
  • dapp reviews
  • write a thread on Twitter about familiarizing yourself with the Aurora ecosystem and showing your experience using apps in Aurora
  • Art competitions (on marketplaces on Aurora mint content as NFT / buy NFTs) - 500xp
  • Test partners’/ecosystem apps (that are on the integration stage/newcomers on Aurora ecosystem), (at least 7 per month)
  • Report on app testing on social networks (Medium, Telegram, Twitter, etc.)
  • support with listing on DappRadar, DefiLlama,
  • support in submission for Electic capital report
  • Verification of applications during alpha and beta testing
  • Testing of applications for compliance with the declared functionality
  • support users with tech.questions
  • bug reporting

Level 3. Adept

  • Maintaining daily news streams on regional channels (Twitter, Telegram, Near.Social)
  • collect ecosystem news, follow necessary chats
  • translation of regular news into regional language)
  • Manage Community social media
  • Hold events (spaces, AMAs, community voice chats, giveaways)
  • Onboarding new Partners to the Ecosystem, increase Aurora network Integrations
  • Technical integration support tasks

Level 4. Aurora Guardian

Community leaders:

  • Community should have at least 400 transactions a day
  • Community should have at least 250 UAW a day

Each Level must perform tasks from previous levels - being eligible to earn more points(and $) and to produce more monthly transactions than on previous levels.

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Hi, thanks for your feedback. Regarding the part about the ambassador programme. At the moment we are forming tasks for the second level, they will have more on-chain activities.(At the moment we are facing the problem that many projects just don’t work, and we need some time to reach out to the team, and agree on cooperation) As well as there will be videos about the projects, testing applications, infographics, and threads in social networks.