[REPORT] AC-DAO February Report


AC-DAO has made significant strides in its mission within the NEAR and Aurora ecosystems during February and March. Our initiatives are tailored to empower a transparent and decentralized governance model, with strategic endeavors and budget allocations aligning with the Near Digital Collective (NDC)'s broader goals.

Strategic Initiatives

Talentum Company: A New Direction in Community Engagement

In a bold move to enhance community engagement and optimize resource utilization, AC-DAO introduced the Talentum Company initiative in March, replacing the traditional Ambassador Program. This initiative going from March 7th to March 31st, significantly reduces the budget from $10,000 to $2,300 without compromising on its ambitious goals. Within just the first five days, Talentum Company attracted over 230 new users, reflecting the initiative’s immediate impact and effectiveness.

Objectives and Achievements

Talentum Company was designed with the following core objectives:

  • Engagement and Testing: Users actively engaged in testing new applications such as Burito Virtual Pets and Mental Maze, contributing valuable feedback for improvements.

  • Community Growth: By strategically promoting through social media and Socast videos, the initiative not only bolstered our community size but also enhanced the visibility of Aurora projects.

  • Developer Attraction: A key goal is to attract developers by offering a platform where they can verify their skills and engage in targeted tasks, thereby contributing to ecosystem development. We are now actively hunting developers for B.O.S. platform

Future Directions

Talentum Company is not just a short-term initiative; it represents a forward-looking approach to community engagement. Plans are underway to extend this model to numerous applications on the Aurora platform, addressing support and error correction needs. The initiative also emphasizes the importance of social media in promoting Aurora projects, a strategy that will continue to evolve to maximize reach and engagement.

Mini Grants and Project Support

The commitment to supporting innovation remains strong, with $16,500 allocated towards Mini Grants Initiatives.
Projects like:

AC-DAO is not part of AURORA LABS, but works closely with them on weekly calls to research projects that come up for support.

Completion of the miniPLAYER Tournament

We have successfully completed the miniPLAYER tournament and distributed awards to the winners. This tournament not only increased transactions on the Aurora network, but also attracted a large number of participants, demonstrating the high level of engagement and interest in our gaming projects.

miniPLAYER Tournament DATA

Marketing Initiatives

With a $1,600 allocation for marketing, AC-DAO ensured consistent and strategic communication across social media platforms. Activities such as AMA and Voice Sessions played a pivotal role in fostering direct interaction with the community, while the reactivation of Aurora Play and Aurora Tip Bot enhanced the ecosystem’s vibrancy. A new game for PLAY PORTAL will be finalized soon, as will tournament automation. We are preparing AMA sessions with all supported projects as well as with projects that could potentially be supported for example ‘Age of Mars’, “Blum” and “Swaplace”.

Activity in Social Networks:

Supported Projects Reports:

Mental Maze

Team and Community

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