[SOLVED] Problem about Near Protocol Turkey Guıld

Hello everyone, let’s just start with introduce myself. I’m a blockchain fancier, I started to research the blockchain things like 8 9 months ago. Anyway, I met with the near protocol in September 2021. I was impressed with Near’s mission when I read it. Then I opened a Twitter account named DoganNear (İ also started to Near journal in Turkish. you can check it in my medium) The reason to open a Twitter account was the problems about the Lack of Turkish resources. And I started to Create some Near-related contents that include İntroducing near, octopus, near’s dApps, etc…
And I also saw the Near protocol Telegram group and joined the group. İ saw that lots of people don’t even know how to trade in ref finance, how to send tokens etc. İ started to help people with adaptation to the near ecosystem. But there were lots of scam links, disrespectful messages. And I told the Admin to give me an Admin role so I can help with them to run the telegram group. İ made too much effort for the group for two months. İ was making it without getting anything because I believed that the Turkish Telegram group (@near_tr) is owned by the Near community. but I was wrong with this thought
( as you know that web2 has some central owners but web3 related things are owned by the users and community) As a part of web3, I didn’t think that someone can kick me from the community or group if I wouldn’t do anything wrong.
Anyway here is the main reason to open this content: On the 6’th of February, I saw that my admin role has gone. And I kindly asked: Why did you kick me from admin status at telegram group.
Then THEY PERMANENTLY BANNED ME. When I dmed him to why did you kick me, they just told that: We wanted it.
İ think that the group is just running by a friend group and they just moving like they own the community and they don’t allow anyone to join the community. I am being disturbed by this.
İ Also think that They run the Near protocol Turkey Twitter (https://twitter.com/near_turkey) so badly! And their contents have no quality. ( i know that the same team runs it) ( My Thread about the near protocol was read more than 100k. https://twitter.com/DoganNear/status/1486063835383574535 ) Anyway, I offer :
Warning the team who runs the telegram and near protocol turkey Twitter account about those behaviors.


Hi Dogan :slight_smile:
Congrats to your first forum post and welcome to NEAR!
First of all, I want to invite you to read the forum rules and be more respectful please.

Anyway, here are my answers to the first complaint since one year (which I know)

“The reason to open a Twitter account was the problems about the Lack of Turkish resources”
Why opening new twitter account if there is lack of turkish ressources? Would it not be better if you would talk to me and tell me that, or create a proposal (or share your ideas) here in the forum. Also, in my opinion it’s better to share NEAR related content directly on Near accounts (Twitter, Medium…) or open a Near Turkish Announcement Channel on Telegram.
The reason we want to avoid multiple private accounts in the group for content creation is for security reasons and also because people doing that to increase their own followers on Twitter. Thats why we took the decision last year to delete private social media links in the group

“And I started to Create some Near-related contents that include İntroducing near, octopus, near’s dApps, etc…”
Yes I saw your tweets and it’s helpful to the community.

But there were lots of scam links, disrespectful messages
we are permanently deleting scam links and disrespectful messages in the group, sometimes it’s hard to see the message in the same second! we don’t have a 7/24 support in the group yet.

İ was making it without getting anything
Everyone is welcomed to create a payout request, for that please check the payout process rules again. You can also get in contact with me and I can create a payout request for you.

İ think that the group is just running by a friend group and they just moving like they own the community and they don’t allow anyone to join the community
Thats not correct! we are supporting since one year. I am sending monthly proposals and reports about our work here in the forum. And I am always happy to see new users/moderators joining the turkish community. But we have some rules in the group which you didn’t understand yet, thats why one of our admin had to kick you as you didn’t stop sharing your private twitter links.

İ Also think that They run the Near protocol Turkey Twitter so badly!
Again, everyone is welcomed to get the username and pw of the twitter account and share tweets. In my last proposal we have talked about it and got some ideas how to improve it. We are doing our best.

Instead of complaining, please come up with ideas and proposals, that’s how we work here.


Hello Doğan. I’ve been following you for months. I see your enthusiasm, hard work about Blockchain and decentralized solutions and appreciate your effort help Near Community grow with valuable solid content. :clap:

I remember that. You were active and helping new members find their way. Also help keep the group safer.

Near Communities are open to anywone who is looking to contribute in any way they can. Not governed by a single person. (this is our goal)
I really want to say there must have been a misunderstanding about this.
Why would anyone get offended by such awesome effort to help grow Near Community.

I hope the @ Turkish Guild members will come up with an explanation and fix this misunderstanding


@cizi31 this could’ve done it. but maybe he was unaware of it or choosed not to do it,

may I ask did you propose anything to him regarding this?

anyways Near Protocol is permissionless and decentralized: no one needs permission when posting content Related to Near or the Ecosystem.
Getting funded is whole different procedure. and I think @dogannear didn’t ask for it. He is not complaining about it here.


Hi @KriptoRaptor, yes we had a zoom meeting with him. We both introduced ourself and had a nice friendly call together. We didn’t talk about how to share tweets in the group, maybe there was a lack of misunderstanding as you said.

Yes he can continue sharing his tweets on Twitter, as I said I like them and it’s helpful.
But for the group itself my colleague had a conversation with you and you told him:
Dogan wants to walk a little bit individually. I’ll tell him not to share it with his own twitter account. it looks a bit like its advertisement. medium pages won’t be a problem
Anyway, if you don’t remember, I can show you the conversation.

sure! let’s get in talk together and work on a solution.


Hello sir, let me send my twitter stats, than you can think that if i post those twitter posts for help or advertisement.

As you can see, i have more than 4.000.000 views in twitter. İ dont need an advertisement in Near protocol Turkish telegram group Right :+1:?
Anyway think that you are right and i’m just shilling myself… Wouldnt it be better to warn me? As you told me: we got met in a zoom chat too :slightly_smiling_face:

But you cant say that i didn’t help you with it. You can check the admin stats in the telegram stats panel :slightly_smiling_face: thanks again.

Okey… İ have two answer to you…
Why do your team(coinnet) share their news link in the telegram chat? What advantage/differences does your team have over me?

And just think that someone has come, and asked that what is Octopus network; can you send me any Turkish content except mine?
Sir, you are wrong. İ dont need an advertisement in the near protocol chat even if i need you had to warn me before kicked me out!
The problem was: i kicked by your admin without telling anything.

İ know the rules, and i didnt write anything that is disrespectfull. Thank you :relaxed:


Thank you Raptor ! I’m not here for dispute, I just want to discuss and solve the problems. As you was seeing my messages, i wasnt sharing my tweets and medium contents for advertising, also i dont need it. ı was just trying to help to communtiy to grow and makes the adaption easy. That is all.


Perfect! Thanks for your kindly answers :slightly_smiling_face::heart:


good. I wish you had discussed these matters before and had avoided such unpleasant events. anyway what’s done is done. let’s move forward

Yes I did, but I didn’t say ban him :exclamation: Turkish guild Leader Doğan came to me for this I said this because I initially thought he was promoting his twitter account only. (i was sick that day so I couldn’t write anymore and neither check back the group for a couple of days)
and then I checked back I saw a lot of tweets floods but ALL of them were related to Near

and foreseeing this I delivered my concerns and discomfort about this issue to Turkish guild Leader Doğan (demotion and banning of @dogannear) as soon as I learned about it :angel:

repeating again: since we are decentralized and permissionless we should allow such authentic educative content. and instead of banning we should reward and encourage them. we actually do allow on Near Protocol Official. people even shill their own NFT collections-non educative content- there we allow all unless it’s spammy :slight_smile:


you’re welcome. I hope everything turns out well


In our call, @dogannear (now as @doganalpaslan ??) told us that he has less time due to his school and other private stuff, so we ended the call after the introduction and didn’t talk further about our goals / vision / mission and rules about how we communicate in the group and on social media. And yes as you said, thats not the main problem currently.

I wonder if you felt bad yesterday too. You said that Dogans (@doganalpaslan) behaviour was immature. Anyway, I hope you are feeling well again :pray:

except the tweets he posted yesterday! where he is mentioning that Near protocol turkey accounts are managed in disgrace.

For that @doganalpaslan please check my message again, there is no need to try to split the community which you are trying to do currently in my opinion:

Agree, he can continue sharing his tweets. but there is no need to put his twitter floods in the group for extra. Better to create the content on Medium or on Near platforms like (near-in-minutes) and also share Near social media accounts to increase the audience. Near Education Team told me that they are also currently working on translations in turkish language.

Yes definetely, I was also not on my phone while this all happened…

Yes as I have mentioned above, for that I would suggest to talk together and work on a solution. If solved, we can explain how we solved it and close this discussion here.
There is no need to share tweets about the lack of resources / content or other unnecessary attacking messages to the moderators (which would also affect you in this case as you are also moderating and bringing content in turkish language for the NEAR community)

Looking forward to get in touch and solve this :slight_smile: :raised_hands:

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Can i get the answer please?


İ apologize for this. But your behaviors was too rudely and bad for me. Kicking without telling anything, taking my admin role without telling anything , Just move like you are the owner of those community …
Anyway, i told the problem’s and raptor also made some addition. İ think that we can close the topic here. Thank you, all of the members can read our messages and can see what is going on :+1::heart:


We are continuesly sharing news about Near Protocol in our website. I am reporting that all monthly here in the forum. In our articles you can see that we are redirecting users to the Near official social media accounts:
The links are shared in different telegram community groups to inform others about the news and increase the audience.

There is no specific advantage, as I said you can also bring ideas here in the forum, share content and redirect them to Near official Telegram / Twitter accounts.

Hello sir? Who is managing the near protocol Tr Twitter account ? And can i know that why did you blocked me! İt is so amateur that you are blocking someone in the public near protocol TR account

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I am disturbed by the fact that those who manage the Near Protocol Turkey accounts act as if they are the owner of that account. You cannot use these accounts for your personal problems. These accounts exist for you to be useful to the community, not to conflict with this community. I will start working to establish a Turkish community where everyone who works for near protocol in turkey can join. you guys don’t understand the web3 philosophy and you act like you own these platforms. You’re doing a lot of damage to Near protocol. Blocking me is very unprofessional and childish.

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Hi, I just asked around and was informed that your account has been blocked due to your tweet about the lack of resources/content and some attacking messages to the moderators. Even if you apologized for the tweet you posted, it still remains in your account and you haven’t deleted it.

If you speak badly, come up with evidence, where did we harm Near? I have been supporting for more than a year and so far I have not had such complaints. We also cooperate with Near University, give education to students and also participate in grants. I wonder why you are still complaining about our work, I thought we solved the problem here.

You keep saying Web3.0, but there will be rules and restrictions there too. We are in daily contact with hundreds of members in the group, sometimes we need to delete spam, warn or block users. I understand that you are angry, but as I mentioned above, I am always ready to resolve the issue between us.

Feel free to make a suggestion to the DAO for that, as long as you don’t try to divide the community and badmouth it, I don’t see a problem with that. Good luck