Introduction & Open Call for Near Turkish Community

I hereby announce 'Near Türkiye Decentralized Community’
It will be a decentralized structure where merit is at the forefront.
We will soon announce a date for an online call and discuss further about how we govern, the dao, roadmap and all new initiatives that we’re going to build and grow together! :rocket:

this is a call to all Members who are looking forward to contribute to Turkish Community and the Near Ecosystem.
- Developers
- Community Builders
- Entrepreneurs
- and others.
you are invited!

I will guide and fully support all enthusiast Turkish contributors to organize and make sure we deliver at following hopefully in Q2+Q3:

  • telegram support group with competent mods
  • deliver high quality authentic content for:
  • the Protocol Basics
  • the Ecosystem and all it’s components
  • Educational Material and Infographics
  • set up and run a Near Turkish Twitter Channel where each new update/news being posted daily
  • set up and run a channel that produces quality Infographics which contain network stats, interesting researches about the ecosystem and constantly update it. (like Near Daily)
  • run creative channel events/contests in which community learn and enjoy.
  • keep in touch with the top Turkish influencers/communities and coordinate price-performance efficient marketing.
  • help distribute allocated funds to “Near Turkey Decentralized” in most fair way possible (by doing enough field research and sharing them with the community)
  • start translating important Official Near content (, some educational material: Protocol Basics, Rust, Assembly Script online videos etc.)
  • start talks with other large Turkish crypto communities and organize events together, run twitter spaces weekly or bi-weekly
  • organize Near Meets, Seminars, online/live workshops, bootcamps and hackatons(in 2023) :brain: !
  • brainstorm together for organic growth hacking strategies all other innovative start ups!

Imo, some skills should be sought** for mods and content creators: moderate level of English. be familiar with de-fi and dApps, be competent about Near Ecosystem, have some communication skills, love for the Community

To build on a strong foundation I propose not adding any members to the Dao those who run or heavily involved with a centralized entity. (ps they can propose promotions etc. but not be in the Governance Dao)

I propose some basic requirements to be eligible to join the Governance Dao
-proven contributions to the community
-be respected, respect and get along with all members of the Near Community.
-be around for at least (months)
-spend some hours (we will also discuss this) on the Governance forum contribute to the posts
-show up regularly on weekly (or bi-weekly) online calls (

You don’t have to be in the dao in order to contribute!
We will let everyone come up with promotion offers and job appeals and compete for the good of Near Turkish Community and we need it!

**to be discussed and decided by the community
Anything I proposed above is not final can be changed. So feel free to propose, come up with better ideas.
Do you want to contribute to Near Turkey Ecosystem?
Now, please introduce yourself tell us about your: age, city(if you feel comfortable about it) profession, crypto background and your experience about Near.
Also please talk about your skills. How can you best contribute to the Community?

According to my rough research Near Turkey is not among top 30* among Turkish Crypto communities. In long term I anticipate Near Turkey being in top 3 (in both overall active community and developer count)*

*Hoşgeldiniz! *
*Near Türkiye komunitesine katkı sunmak isteyen geliştirici, komunite yöneticileri, girişimciler ve tüm bireylere açığız. Merkeziyetsiz Near Türkiye oluşumunda yer almak isteyen işin ucundan az da olsa tutmak isteyenler lütfen önce kendinizi kısaca tanıtınız:

  • mesleğiniz,
  • yaşınız,
  • kripto geçmişiniz,
  • Near tecrübeniz
  • becerileriniz (bu yeni oluşumlara nasıl katkıda bulunabileceğinizden bahsediniz)
    örn. iyi iletişimim, orta İngilizcem defi bilgim vardır, çok iyi makale yazarım, grafikerim, rust yazılımcısıyım gibi. *
    Burası hem bir tanışma platformu hem de sağlıklı komunite oluşumu için bir referans kaynağı olur. İleride buraya bakıp daha profesyonel anlamda gelebilecek iş tekliflerinin de önünü açmış olursunuz.
    Yukarıda yazılı tüm girişimler ve daha fazlası için karşılıklı saygı çerçevesinde fikirlerinizi belirtebilirsiniz. Ayrıca Ne konularda yeteneğiniz olduğu ve nasıl katkıda bulunabileceğinizi yazınız. Birkaç gün içinde online meeting düzenlenecektir!*
    İngilizcesi çok iyi olmayanlar dert etmesinler Google translate kullanabilirsiniz!

I’ll start first!

Hello there!
I am Yunus, from Angara :slight_smile: (the Capital of Turkey)
I am 36 years old.
I am an IT guy since 2000 an humble hacker.
Worked 12 years as a Language Teacher, a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages English, Turkish, Spanish also got pedagogical education cert. and communication skills. Have coaching certificate since 2015.
Met with crypto in 2014 but decided to go deep in 2019. Since 2021 I’m working full time on crypto constantly learning and improving. Have created unique start up ideas during my journey too! :smirk: Anyways they are still just ideas! :slight_smile:
I’m a negotiator and a good marketer and community manager. For years I’ve read technical documents about the blockchain and tens of different protocols hundreds of projects and countless other researches about dApps and each component of decentralized structures&projects. Invested in most of them. Failed in some succeded in others.
A de-fi master and decentralization freak! a little de-gen too :smirk:
I’ve collected a good amount of good friends through my journey have huge digested and IQ filitered data about most crypto topics. I have a good amount of experience over crypto communities, marketing and a have a large network.
I’m a good coordinator and try to be a fair leader. I can’t go without mentioning it: also an entrepreneur. :muscle:

I’ve been around in Near Community since June 2021 and each day I’m getting deeper because I believe the #FutureIsNear

I’m in! Let Near Turkish Community Thrive!

thor GIF


I am really very happy to hear this democratic statement.

Let me be the 2nd.!

Hello, everyone.
I am Nihat. I live in Istanbul.
I graduated from the Faculty of Education and also 2 years in Computer Science.
I have certificates in human psychology and pedagogy, and a coaching certificate as well.
I have taught for 12 years, but in recent years I have been a translator and also follow the crypto world closely.

I first encountered the FX market in 2016 and Crypto in 2020, and I particularly enjoy this forum because I am curious about what people are going to do for the NEAR in the future.

I’m in too!

What I can contribute to the community:

  • Twitter: (I can manage by posting in simple language and using infographics)
  • Telegram: I can moderate the community.
  • And good at marketing.

:rocket: :rocket: :rocket: Let the Near thrive alongside the Turkish community! :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:


Hey Yunus, I fully support this initiative!
My name is Kemal, I’m from Berlin, but I was born in Gaziantep, the 5th biggest city in Turkey, where you can get the best baklava in the world :yum:
I am 33 years young! (Don’t make yourself old buddy :wink:)
I am a tech-savvy nerd, a serial entrepreneur and a crypto freak.
I have more than 15 years of professional experience in sales, business development, marketing, branding and community building. I have built many communities from zero to 5 figures :white_heart:

My crypto journey started in 2017 when I first heard about Bitcoin. It was right before the market crashed so I started to become a long-term holder… :laughing: Just kidding, I believed in crypto from the beginning and started investing in Bitcoin and some Alts. During the long crypto winter, I educated myself. In 2020 I first learned about NEAR protocol and invested in it. I really wanted to think about doing something in the crypto space and I saw the open position from NEAR in October 2021 and applied. Why NEAR? Because I believe in a multi-chain world and I think that NEAR has the best chances to become one of the biggest blockchain platforms.

Today I work with super-smart people, meet tons of new people from all over the world, learn something new every day, and have one of the best teams in the world!

What I can help with:

  • Community Management
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Branding

Cheers Buddy!


Hello everyone,
I’m Remzi Emre Kahveci.
I’m 22 years old.
I am a 3rd year computer engineering student.
I’m from greece, but I live in Istanbul (Turkey’s most popular city) I study in Yalova.

I met Cypto in 2018. We stayed at home for 1.5 years due to covid. During this time, I did crypto research.
I’ve been dealing with Near since December 2021. I read articles every day. I’m trying to learn the Rust programming language.

I have been working in the Turkey student branch of IEEE, the world’s largest engineering institute, for 4 years. During this process, I meeted countless engineer friends.
I have a very strong Network. I have access to about +10000 university students.
I have very good communication with regional clubs.
I can do events wherever you want. I support not only in Turkey but also globally.

A photo from IEEE İstanbul meeting. I can organize Near İstanbul conference in future :grin: .

What can I do?
event organization.
Preparing the directory of projects in the Near ecosystem.
Conveying information to newcomers to the Near ecosystem.
I can introduce Near to young engineers.


Good days to everyone.
My name is Okan, I was born and grew up in Kocaeli, which is a neighbor of Istanbul.
I’m 36 years old, but my physique is 26 years old :slight_smile:
I spent the last 15 years on ships because of my profession as a captain.

About 2 years ago, I met crypto to evaluate my investments. But when I got into it, I saw that there is no limit to learning, and I decided that I should train myself in the last 1 year.
About March 2021 i first learned about Near and after i start to use Near wallet. Last 6 months i use most of the dapps on Near and try to learn about more things about them.
I learned a lot from KriptoRaptor, who invited me to this organization and I still continue to learning.

I have already applied for a mod on the nearverse before.

I can help about chat moderation, helping community members/investors, marketing, branding and event organisation around the city of Istanbul.


I cant wait to be part of near community and im really excited to read this announcement, I’M ALL IN

School Of Rock Yes GIF by Nickelodeon

Hello everyone
I’m Taha
I’m 24 years old
I graduated from International Relations and I’m going to apply masters degree soon

I met with Crypto during my bachelors degree. It was 3 years ago and i’ve read all of things about crypto(still reading) because i believe in knowledge is power. I wish i got into crypto world before the pandemic because of that im little bit angry to me and still cant forgive myself :slight_smile: at the same time im super bullish to what will happen in NEAR future and how the crypto changes our lifes more

I attended to testnet campaigns almost all of chains and i learnt so many things while discovering the crypto ecosystem and im trying to keep up this work because if you were in crypto you must do that there is no other option.

I was reading an article on internet and handsome black&white logo blinked everything started with this after that i’ve done a lot of research about Near and tested it used it and here I’m


Telegram, Discord, Twitter: ( I can run the groups, prepare valuable content about near and some visual stuff)
I can organize some events with Nearians
I can introduce Near to university students and young adults(Making presentations)
I can record video for Youtube
:ox: :ox: :ox: :ox:


My name is Burak Eren. I am 20 years old, still student at Cankaya University.

I am one of the member of Cankaya University Blockchain Society. I want to learn coding on Near and just started to process. With’s team we are going to do near bootcamp and if i complete succesfully i want to join near development process.

I also had experiment of groups admins of some coins-societies. I am active user on Telegram-Discord-Twitter so generally i love the communicate with people for give them informations.

For near i can do group mods of any social media. Write article and translate like those stuffs like that. In future i want to also write code for Near, that’s my aim. For now i am just tryin’ to learn Rust. I want to be part of Near Community as much as possible.

Let’s grow together!


Hello everyone!
I am Efekan, from Ankara.
I am 23 years old.
I am a computer engineering student.

I am currently learning rust and solidity. At the same time, I am improving myself in marketing and content production, I can contribute in this field. I look forward to joint projects with the Near community.


I am Mehmet, from Bitlis(yes, far away from metropols)
I am 40 years old.

I am cs teacher for 17 years. I am teaching rust programming language at my schools and on my youtube channel. I am also developing my own project, libredu. You can find me on my youtube channel →

For now, i am planning to teach or give informations about rust programming language to near turkey community. I hope it will help students to learn a special language for near protocols.


Hi everyone!

I would love to get involved, connect and cooperate!

My professional background is 15 years in finance / banking, last 3 years as private banker covering the Turkish market (mainly Istanbul) for Entrepreneurs & Executives.
Currently I am involved in onboarding companies and projects to NEAR.

I started “crypto” with mt.gox and well… I am still here, if you know what I mean :slight_smile:

Reading through the above I see strong potential for cooperation as some projects need some services as described above (community building, events, teaching, development) and I am sure on the other hand I can help with some of my good contacts.

Let me know if you want to know anything specific and happy to jump into a call anytime.



Hello respected community members.

I’m really glad to meet you all. I’have been talking to each of you on private as soon as you submitted here :slight_smile: Now that we are 10 I think it’s time to decide on important subjects.

Looking forward to meet together decide together on those important points and then Then we will publish a manifesto.
Our work on some community channels with friends who joined first, continues at full speed.
We need your creative ideas and actual contributions that will enlarge the Turkish community and bring it to the top. In this meeting, we will make some decisions in Community management and Dao organization and add new members to the dao as well.

Nice to meet you all. :heart_eyes:
@crypto_blckhntr @Kemal @REK @OkanCaptain @dadathoo_crypto @MezonQuark @Eyf @eribol @Marcos @KriptoRaptor
you all are invited! to this Turkish Community Call tomorrow
Pazartesi, 4 Nisan · 11:00 - 11:45pm
Google Meet katılma bilgileri
Görüntülü görüşme bağlantısı:
ps. all other Near Community members who want to spectate and contribute are invited!


Hello everyone,
My name is Şura Kaymak.
I am 21 years old.
I am a 2nd year international relations student at Yalova University.
I am the coordinator of the Yalova IEEE Organization and Sponsorship committee.
It is my duty to organize fellow members of my committee in the events we will hold.
I’m good at this job.
There are also music groups that I represent in Istanbul and Yalova.
I’m organizing parties.
I love communicating with people and discussing a topic. Reading poetry books and autobiographies is one of my greatest pleasures.
I am very excited to meet you with the encouragement of my friend Remzi Emre Kahveci.

Let the Near thrive alongside the Turkish community!


Thanks for invite, i will be here for meeting!


Hey @KriptoRaptor, Great to be part of the Turkish community! :tr: :partying_face:

Is this UTC?

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Turkey time 11.00 PM Kemal. It’s 08.00PM UTC


Hey everyone it’s great to see this amazing community growing. I’m Bayram and my profession was frontend dev. I quit my job to go full time with web3 and now following my passion. I hope Turkish community grows bigger around this amazing tech. @KriptoRaptor thanks for all your efforts to improve onboarding Turkish community to Near Protocol. You Rock ! Nice to meet you all !


hey @Sura and @grandzero welcome to Near!
we are growing super fast. Tune in for the Istanbul meet and the Yucon Yalova conference! We are just getting started! Near will be the top trending among developers and users in Turkey soon.

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Hello Everyone,
I’m Güney Sevindik.
I have a event organization company " Etkin Kampüs"
I live in Istanbul but i travel to cities for organization E

I organized I. Blockchain and Crypto Summit

We organized digital event for Near Protocol and some projects.
We have 130+ campus representative at university.

we contribute to event organization, campus marketing.
I hope to meet all of you.


Hey Güney welcome friend! I’m so glad to have you here. You’re a gem! :smiling_face: