[PROPOSAL] NEAR Turkey February / March / April 2022

Hi guys, as discussed in my last report I am going to send a new proposal for the next three months. https://gov.near.org/t/report-near-turkey-january-2022

Note: as discussed in the comments below, we will have two seperate proposals till April 2022:

  • Proposal 1: community and social media management + contests
  • Proposal 2: Youtube videos / Twitter influencers / AMAs / Articles …


Our main goal is to increase blockchain and crypto adoption in Turkey and heighten awareness of the NEAR ecosystem in Turkish-speaking area.

  • bring content in Turkish language about NEAR / share news and support:

    • Telegram Telegram: Contact @near_tr

    • Twitter: https://twitter.com/near_turkey

    • Turkish news portal CoinNET

    • Discord [NEW]

      • In the next three months we will also give support on Discord. The main reason for that is, I saw some questions there and I couldn’t see an active admin supporting. So I have decided to check once a day at least for now and answer all questions and also redirect them to Near Turkey Telegram (if they want to join and get a faster response). Please check some screenshots below: Does anyone know how to get the admin role there?
  • Continuesly get in contact with influencers and share about Near in all our community groups (eg. Tegan Gem Telegram: Contact @tegangem 1, Tegan Trade Telegram: Contact @tegangemTegan)

  • Create 5 Near Lights. EXAMPLE:

  • Make a contest on Twitter + reward with the Near Lights

  • Support in the group, help turkish members understanding about NEAR Protocol

  • Continuesly share News on Telegram


  • Educate about NEAR
    • Some fellowship proposals are sent from students who participated in our blockchain academy in december, we are waiting for feedback from Near Education to start teaching in universities.
  • focusing on development
    • NearZombies Grant is going well, will share news with the community as soon as we have some updates


Till April we are expecting to reach:

  • 10000+ members on Telegram (currently ~6500-7000 members)
  • 6000+ members on Twitter (currently ~4500-5000 members)


  • Active Near Turkey Telegram group, support, news / announcements
  • Support on Discord
  • Active Near Turkey Twitter account, latest news, contests
  • Near Lights contest giveaway, Near 5*5 contest giveaway
  • NEAR Turkey Education and Development Team Building


  • Near Lights (approx ~ 100-150$ Total)

  • 5*5 NEAR Contest Telegram in March (250-300$)

  • Telegram & Discord support admins 8 (payment according to their work and time spent. hourly basis ~ 5-10$ / hr. if 5-10hrs each admin / week → 20-40hrs / month *8

    • approximately: ~2500$ / month (7500$ Total). Please note that the hourly prices can change depending on their work / hours + living country. We may add more moderators if the group activity is doing well.
  • Management costs: Create monthly reports, planning, Meeting with moderators, brainstorming, Social media management

    • 500$ / month depending to time spent (1500$ Total)

Total costs: 9450$ (840NEAR)

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Good evening, I support your proposal, but I think you need divide it on two different proposals: first one - community and social media management, second one - YouTube promotion and articles .

Examples -

Thank You!



This is beyond the soft cap of $10,000 that the MarketinDAO has. I think we should fund this, if approved, on a monthly basis rather than dishing out $16,000+ at once.

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Hi @David_NEAR is it also ok for you If I divide it on two different proposal as @Dacha mentioned above?

Proposal 1: Community and social media management + contests

Proposal 2: YouTube, Articles, Twitter promotions

Till now we always sent the proposal in a monthly basis but I would also prefer doing 3 months. This would help us a lot as it’s already mid of february and the new payout process takes a lot time in the beginning…

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I agree that the proposals should be split, but I still think that the value should not exceed $10k per month - hence the requirement for monthly proposals and reports.

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Ok then I will edit this proposal and ask below 10k for this month.
If approved, I will create a second proposal next month (mid / end of March)

But in total we will have approx the same budget as mentioned above till end of April. (Divided to 2 proposals and below 10k / month) Would that work?

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Shouldn’t be a problem, will assess the proposals when they’re up and running :tada:


Hi @Dacha @David_NEAR
I’ve edited the proposal, may you please check it again?
Thank you :slight_smile:

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I support you! Have a great day! :tr::tr::tr:


Hi Dear, according to my research, the price of the lamp is just about $9 ($45 total).
Please check it: Bitcoin Led Masa Lambası | Bylamp
You may want to re-consider your funding request proposal.

And also the Clock you bought last month was also just $18 for each. But you’ve reported here $200 for each.
(The price I got from the instagram account that you specified is just 250 TL= $18 without any bargainining, 18*5= $90-ninty total).


Do you think the participation of about 50 people in the raffle was a success?

@Dacha @David_NEAR @marketingdao-council


Hi @crypto_blckhntr

No, please check the comments in my last proposal [Approved] Near Turkey January - #6 by KriptoRaptor for the Near Clock, we have talked about it before.

This was not the best raffle, but we are doing our best. We had about 4200 impressions. We have to focus more on Twitter in the next months and increase the audience. I am sure the next raffle will be better as our community grows. Would be great if we can use the 55-100$ remaining budget for it and let some influencers tweet.

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As it’s nearly end of month, I would appreciate if you can review the proposal
The new payout process will also take a lot time.
Thank you for understanding.

that day I said "btw 200$ per clock a little too much. From where did you get this quote? I may get cheaper quotes for you if you want me to try please specify quantity and dimensions/specifications

Whatever it is, I want one. "

We talked about this issue that day. But then you didn’t cooperate with me on this and got the proposal approved. So i didn’t even bother getting a quote from anyone since you already got it approved and didn’t ask for help

now I’m just shocked about the huge gap between @crypto_blckhntr 's quote and your actual paid price

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and seeing only 56 people joined the giveaway is so frustrating considering we spent 1000 USD for those clocks.


Greetings cizi :wave:t2:, as you know im a crypto influencer with over 11k follower. it’s surprising that you’re asking a fee for this, because I did not receive any support from you and your team as I produces content about Near and does not get paid for it. You banned me from all communication channels instead of giving support.
Moreover, My Near content was getting very high engagement.

  1. 100k+ impression
  2. 100k + impression and all about Near protocol.
    It seems wrong to me that you have banned me me and charge someone else to do it while I have high interaction and knowledge about NEAR.
    I think you should reconsider this fee and do whatever is necessary for the unfair ban you gave me. I think you abused your position with banning me!

8 admins … Just wow.
Most of admins dont even know defi’s and Near’s basic… Like From how to use Ref Finance to the rainbow bridge. For example: In the problems experienced in the wallet, only the link of the global group is thrown and no solution is produced. That’s why I’m thinking of bringing more equipped admins or lowering the fee.
The group’s activity isn’t big enough to require 8 admins.

I see that you are getting ads for Coinnet, but your site traffic is really low and your fee is accordingly high. In addition, I think you are doing it wrong by taking this to the site where you are your own content producer. Advertisements should be placed on different channels.
you already get paid for contents.

Also, why are 3 months’ fees required together? I wonder about this as a member of the Turkish community.



4200 is too damn low for a twitter account with 4k+ followers…
1000 dollar could be used better.


Also my bans are still not opened. İt is so damn bad as a community member of Turkey. I just work for Turkey guild and getting no support for the team that gets funds.


Are you the only one from Turkish guild?
May I ask who is your Guild Leader?


Also I forgot to publish my works:
I’m writing a weekly newsletter about Near: Near Planet #2. Hepinize merhaba arkadaşlar, Near… | by Dogan | Feb, 2022 | Medium
I opened a telegram channel and I started posting Near news: Telegram: Contact @NearPlanetTr
Also I make some related contents in my twitter account.
Here my stats:

My twitter account is : https://mobile.twitter.com/DoganNear
AND dear near community members, they dont appreciate my work. They just banned me from everywhere and without telling anything!


instead of talking to each other and solving the issue you banned him on other socials as well ? @cizi31 oh
even tho from day 1st of you banning @doganalpaslan I insisted this was wrong and that I highly disapprove it?