So you want to have a dashboard...?

A Guilds Dashboard is coming!

Thanks to the data analyst who was instrumental in the creation of the data insights present in the below Guilds Q2 survey…

…we will now have a Guilds Dashboard to be able to track Guild growth by number of Guilds created and Guild membership numbers.

This work included:

  1. taking the Google Data Studio certification course;
  2. analyzing the data and interpreting the (general) instructions provided to build a series of live charts and graphs to anticipate any questions regarding Guild membership numbers on a collective level and individual level, about trends analysis (what kind of Guilds and which Guilds are growing or not? at what rate week over week?), and keeping tabs on the number of Guilds currently in the ecosystem;
  3. created a full back-end working template with Google Sheet wizardry and detailed instructions, along with additional documentation for ease of instruction and troubleshooting should any issues arise.

Requested amount: 350 N for 22 hours of work
(8 hours have been banked for bug fixing and another build request for charts that would capture the individual ages of Guilds vs. their membership growth trajectory)

Target address: annabellec.near

More skilled data projects related to Guilds to come!


Nice! Is annabellec.near already in the NEAR Data Center (telegram, forum post)?

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Working on it! #AlwaysBeOnboarding

Will community members have access to the dashboard?
Have a great day!

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They most certainly will!
Meeting with a number of parties (NEAR Data Center included) to find the best home for this dashboard and others coming down the pipeline. More info and data about the ecosystem for all!


This past week’s work - after a laptop malfunction - included: creating an age filter and new charts correlating age of Guild with number of Guilds and their respective membership numbers for the dashboard; some clean up on design and presentation; and updates to the affiliated instructions and docs.

There are 4 hours banked for additional tech support as needed for this project but a total of 8 hours were used for this stretch of work.
Based on the rate for the previous work in CAD → NEAR and respecting the new policy for all payouts to be listed in USD:

Requested amount: USD $744.76 which @ $9.91 = 72 N (rounded up)

Target address: annabellec.near

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