Guilds Data Projects - entry required and fulfilled

To get your Community Calendar and your Guilds Dashboard [yes, those same data initiatves referenced here: [UPDATE] Guilds Data & Information Access Projects] there must be data…entry.

  1. In order to populate the Guilds Dashboard with ACTUAL data about how many Guilds are in the ecosystem, how many members they have (based on their communication channels*), their categorization type, their current activity status - and soon to come, their age / when they were founded - a human was needed to track down and capture this very information. In order to create multiple data points over time, this person is also working to update all of the Guild & Guild membership information on a weekly basis.

    *Guilds communicate on Telegram, Discord, WeChat, and more with their membership and since there is no metric yet other than communication channel membership = Guilds membership, here we are.

  2. Additionally, we are trying to build a community calendar. A calendar is nothing without events. Until such time as the calendar is publicly availabe (:crossed_fingers:t4: very soon) and members of the community can add their events themselves directly to the calendar, we need someone to find the events for us on Twitter, in Telegram & WeChat groups, in Discord channels, here on the Forum, and in editions of NEARWEEK. For now the work has been to track down what events involve the NEAR community, including quizzes and contests, and keeping tabs on them so when the calendar is live it won’t be an empty skeleton for long.

  3. While using the back-end of the Guilds Dashboard, edits were recommended to the instruction documentation for greater clarity and ease of use.

This individual should be paid for their work so far and this is to establish a thread of the work this person will continue to do in the short-term.

Payout Amount: 30 hours x USD 15/hour = USD 450 = as of today the conversion to $NEAR @ $9.91) means the payout would be 45 NEAR (rounded up).

Target address: raj-dhatt.near

Data sourcing and entering is tiring but necessary work (and I for now am very grateful this person is willing to take this on)!

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The calendar lives! Submit your events here now.

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