Side Event for People in Portugal during NEARCON 2022

Bancambios is in Lisbon Portugal, we have been connecting with NEO Banks with lots of curiosity for Web3, Enterprises, Corporations, Technology companies and Software programmers.

I collaboration with 2 professors at Universities, we want to invite people who is not Web3 native, but wants to learn and know more about Web3.

Bancambios is chatting with other NEAR - projects and wants to gather an activation for the regular people to come and create a wallet at Zero cost, get their first NFT, get some NEAR and NEAR Tokens to learn about DeFi, DAO, voting, minting, Identity, Smart Contracts.

This proposal is not targeting DGens but the “average Joe” with curiosity, the intention is create hundreds or thousands of NEAR wallets for the local people in Lisbon, or the Web2 people during Web Summit which is an audience of 30,000 peeps.

Bancambios would be creating the wallets and register people to get some insights about Web3.

This can be done with Ads and digital marketing and filter them using Typeform, classify people by interest, experience, learning desire.

We can repeat the same initiative in different citites.